The Mother: Gifts of Her Grace

Start Date:07-Feb-2024

End Date:09-Feb-2024



A three-day immersive online workshop with Dr. Alok Pandey on The Mother Gifts of Her Grace was organised by NAMAH, The Journal of Integral Health, Sri Aurobindo Society from 7th to 9th February 2024. 36 people registered for this event. These inspiring and illuminating sessions reflected and gave insight into the boundlessness of Her Grace with particular attention to three different aspects of Her Avatarhood: Her Life and Mission, Her Works and Her Yoga for Earth and Humanity.

The first session began with the speaker exhibiting the joy of sharing about the Mother and that the Mother’s Grace is not only boundless, but is also there with all, in fact without her grace, creation would not move a step forward and we all are recipients of her Love, her Grace without an exception. The speaker emphasised that Sri Aurobindo very clearly has given the moola-mantra of this Yoga, and that is The Mother. The only thing that works in this Yoga is to open to The Mother. Any practice, meditation, imagination that helps us to get in touch with the Mother is relevant to our Yoga, the rest is not. Not only is she the most important, but the Mother is the key to this Yoga.  The session further progressed with the speaker sharing some of The Mother’s incarnations, she has been there at so many critical moments in history. Some of them she has narrated, and many she has not narrated and further shared the story of The Mother’s physical birth and about her family members. Sri Aurobindo said that the Mother was divine, right from the birth, and there was a progressive manifestation of her divinity. The session ended with the speaker reading a few things from the Mother’s Work.

The second session began with an exposition on Vedanta and Tantra and that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had all the accomplishments of both Vedanta and Tantra. Sri Aurobindo lays emphasis on first realising the Divine, the Vedanta and then the fulfilment, the fullness of Tantra. The Mother had also first realised the Divine, and her entire journey of practice of occultism with the Theons was after that. In our Yoga, it is part of the practice to have the needed knowledge to understand the play of forces. The speaker went on to share about the stories from The Mother’s life and most specifically a vivid description of the first meeting between Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and then her journey when the world war broke out. The session further got engaging with the speaker narrating how Sri Aurobindo and the Mother did not have to communicate with each other. They could read each other’s thoughts and knew not just the thoughts but also all the links behind them. They had to wait for six years before opening it to public, as Sri Aurobindo had to finish his own siddhi, to work for his own perfection till 1926. The session ended with the speaker sharing few pointers on how to create unity by founding the Kingdom of God which is within us all.

The third session brought out the relevance of 24th November 1926, a watershed moment in the entire journey. Though outwards it is the journey of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, it is the journey of the entire Earth in its next ascension. The speaker shared how from 1926 onwards, the Yoga took a new turn and became focused on opening to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo also gave the gift of writing the book, The Mother, which was published in 1928. And that book became the foundation, the beeja-mantra of the Integral Yoga. Open to the Mother with plasticity, consciousness, and surrender. Walk the path with the triple labour of aspiration, rejection, and surrender. To cultivate sincerity and endurance, becoming open and receptive to the Mother were all the key elements shared during the session. The session further progressed with the speaker sharing the journey of functioning and progressive unfolding of the ashram under The Mother’s guidance. Certain decisive moments and key experiences were shared by the speaker and the session ended with a few of the Mother’s words and a prayer for those who wish to serve the Divine.

This three-day programme was a deep immersion into the abundant Grace of the Mother and the way Dr. Alok Pandey shared the joy and warmth of the Mother’s Love, deeply touched all the participants. A sense of nourishment and certitude emerged during the programme.


“I found the workshop a blessing, a darshan to which I bow at her feet.”

“The workshop enriched my faith that she is indeed the conscious force behind my life.”

“To realise more the Divine Mother. In this Supramental year gave HER gift and Grace through these 3-days sessions. Wonderful and clear-cut presentation. Emotionally contacted with the Divine Mother.”

“Raised high aspiration and want to realise the Divine Mother in each and every activity in day-to- day life.”

“Cannot put into words...”

“Again, indescribable... Can only say, gratitude, with the prayers for a constant & ever-increasing gratitude...”

“Alok da is an amazing speaker>his faith and belief in the Mother is something I can’t share. I learnt from him to have unconditional faith in the Mother and to love the Mother only.”

“Her Grace is felt everywhere in every step. He showed it how she is loving and showers her Grace on us all time.”

“Mother’s Grace and Love reaching out to me through a child who has surrendered to her Will.

“Wonderful and enriching. I was left speechless at the end of every session. Was completely soaked in Mother's love and Grace.”

“All was perfect!”

“Lucid explanation of highlights of Mother's journey in Pondicherry and her role in building Ashram”

“To listen and know about The Mother is always illuminating and inspiring.”

“So many experiences, like relating to The Mother's previous birth, Mother's love, the Mother's way of working.”

[Practical take homes]

“Constantly learn to surrender to her.”

“Every bit of information he gave is worth take home.”

“Calm, aspiration to realise the Divine Mother, yearning to bring HER Grace throughout my life.”

“Have gained more knowledge about Mother and Her Grace.”

“Full surrender to divine Love is the way to blissful life”

“Some more insights on the Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s  life and journey.”

“To always remain open, open my mind my heart my everything without any reservations. As Alok da said, let the door be open once, She enters ---- all is done.”