Mega Art Exhibition

Start Date:25-Nov-2023

End Date:25-Nov-2023

Location:Mercury Creative Arts


Dr. Kishor Kumar Tripathy, member Secretary, AuroBharati, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry attended the Students Mega Art Exhibition hosted by Mercury Creative Art, Puducherry. Paintings by two hundred and fifty students from Mercury Creative Art displayed their art works during the exhibition. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Tripathy said that Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and the first planet from the Sun. It was amazing to see the little kids introducing their artworks and the joy of the little ones was a remarkable moment in my life.

Highlighting the glory of art, he emphasized on Sri Aurobindo’s vision, ‘Art, poetry, music are not yoga, not in themselves things spiritual any more than philosophy is a thing spiritual or Science.’ The Mother, as an Artist, has also given special emphasis to become more conscious to explore creativity and self-expressions.

He appreciated the efforts undertaken by the Mercury Creative Art which focuses on consciousness and creativity can be an enriching and holistic experience. This is a unique program, which definitely helps the kids to explore their own thoughts, emotions, and perceptions through art. It will foster creativity by providing opportunities for kids to experiment with different mediums and techniques and help children understand how art can be a form of communication and self-expression. Moreover, it has created an environment where kids felt comfortable in expressing themselves without judgment. Such a 

program can significantly impact a child's cognitive development, emotional intelligence, and appreciation for the arts while fostering their consciousness and creativity.

Inaugural session of the  exhibition was attended by Shri V. Kaliaperumal, Director, Department of Art & Culture, Puducherry, Dr. Gopal J, Regional Director, IGNCA, Ms. L.I. Marie, Principa, St. Mary’s Sacred Heart HSS, Dr. Priyan Voltaire, Consultant & Radiologist, Sri lakshminarayan Medical College & Hospital, Shri V. Kannadasan, Tanjore Painting Artist, Govt College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai, Artist R. Subrayan, Director, Mercury Creative Art & Ms. S. Elanthendral, Teacher, Mercury Creative Art.