A Consciousness Approach to PCOD with Dr. Yogesh Mohan

Start Date:22-Jan-2024

End Date:29-Jan-2024



Dr. Yogesh Mohan’s workshop, ‘A Consciousness Approach to PCOD’, which spread over 2 sessions on 22nd and 29th January 2024 laid bare the importance of primarily understanding the different strands that are woven into the canvas of wellness. They need to be understood, acknowledged and allowed in order to shed their light to illumine the path in the journey of healing, recovery and wellness. 15 people registered for this workshop.

He underlined the importance of the twin powers of nurturance and a loving discipline to bequeath to the heart, mind and body a wellness that is wholesome.

Nurturance ensures the admission of an attitude that is built on the bedrock of an understanding of the ultimate truth, that of The Divine Presence in all beings and creation and the presence of the natural wisdom and intelligence that is housed within the cells of the body….  cells which are living organisms that thirst for the light of love and care.

Nurturance contains the aspect of acknowledging the human body in its entirety as a marvel of creation and understanding the 'why' of treating the human body and its functions with utmost love, respect and dignity.

The body is rightfully seen as a temple of the Divine and each of its functions and acts, seen in the context of supporting and fulfilling a larger, nobler scheme in the framework of life, creation and existence.

Nurturance is to let go of obstacles to health and wellness that surface as misconceptions regarding the human body and one’s relationship to the nether parts of the body, the way desires are looked upon.

Nurturance is to sublimate one’s emotions and desires with the touch of consciousness and offer all at the feet of The Divine Mother.

A loving discipline, on the other hand. ensures a cocoon of protection to the entire being and consists of denying entry to thoughts and emotions, opinions and belief- systems that are steeped in narrowness, laced with fear, guilt or shame, especially in one’s perspective of the lower chakras and the pelvic region as such and bereft of love, refined emotions such as goodwill, benevolence, faith, harmony and peace and the light of a seasoned understanding.

The Consciousness Approach

The consciousness approach takes into account the myriad channels of influences one is open to that impact wellness.... thoughts, beliefs, judgements, fragmented lifestyles, emotions.

Wellness at a deeper level depends on how each aspect of the being navigates through life's circumstances.

The process of healing depends upon the level of opening of the different parts of the being: the physical, mental or emotional and their levels of receptivity.

The healer takes into account the inner landscape of the patient and accesses the intuitive light to facilitate healing.

What unfolds through the healing process are in the nature of insights that illumine the cause of the disorders, a treasure unearthed if we may call it.

It's not an ad-hoc, generic approach to finding a solution; rather it paves the way for a true understanding of what needs to be addressed in the individual’s being (be it in the physical or emotional state of one's being), ...which can crystallise into a light of knowledge that helps one heal. Healing can happen in the power of an instant.

The insights, experiences that unfold during the healing journey as well as the power and Presence that effectuates the healing (that is, the Consciousness that effectuates the healing), are both precious.

Inviting The Light of a Healthy Normal Perspective: the Consciousness Approach:

Since PCOD is primarily an issue related to the energies of the lower chakras, too often there is a pronounced inhibition to perceive it through the lens of a healthy perspective.

It denies the body the sanctity that the physical body in its entirety deserves.  

One is unaware of the beauty and harmony that consciousness can bring to matters relating to relationships with one's partners.

So too, a touch of divinity needs to be imparted to all thoughts and acts that precede the journey of conceiving a child.

Raw desires need to be sublimated at the altar of Divine Love.

It is with consciousness that a woman needs to journey through the many milestones and portals of change that take her from maidenhood to motherhood.

Every natural phenomenon, such as the occurrence of menstrual cycles and every act.... that was created for fulfilling a purpose needs to be considered as one where the presence of an elevated consciousness can impart a sense of refinement and sanctity to it.

One can choose what one wants to admit at the emotional and mental level; the alchemic touch of refinement is crucial.

Relationships need to be divinised and sublimated.... relationships to memories, thoughts, preconceived notions, emotions, the relationship to one's partner and one’s relationship to desires.

Consciousness has the power to transform all.

Dr. Yogesh pronounced that humanity hasn't found the right relationship with the power of sexuality and reproduction.

Mother on consciousness:

“Unless consciousness changes, nothing changes “, says The Mother.

It brings with it the poise of taking ownership of one's life through the poise of being able to look at oneself with objectivity.

One needs to communicate with the body and create ainner dialogue with the cells and organs, allowing the cells to feel the pulse of love. The body deserves to be heard out and listened to; the cells reciprocate with time paving the way to healing.

One needs to be aware of what the body is consuming in the event of one opening to influences that are toxic and harmful. What one hears, sees, reads, believes in, embraces…. everything impacts the body.

The entire biochemistry of the organ is susceptible to change in accordance with the emotions that one holds.

Dr. Yogesh initiated a practice that entailed:

Relaxation and connecting with the breath Invoking the Divine within and visualising the Divine in the heart centre.

Connecting to the ovaries and uterus with the tenderness of pure love... with the awareness to the pelvic region and invite their consent to open to the light of Divine Love and Presence

Offer all memories and past influences at the feet of the Divine.

Immerse in the waters of Consciousness and receive and have a felt experience of holding the light of the Divine within the uterus and ovaries.

Dr. Yogesh’s sessions opened a new pathway to seekers advocating them to empower their relationship with their body and thereby their wellness by recalibrating the narrow notions that have come to be held by women down the ages and implored them to ride the wings of expansiveness by opening to the tenderness of peace, joy, love, light and harmony and consciousness.


“Yes, calmness.”

“Yes, I found the workshop healing and helpful.”

“Engaging, respectful and slow-paced.”


“Yes, the workshop addressed my issues with PCOD and helped me to identify the root cause.”

“The workshop gave me an immense insight into the subject "consciousness as medicine" and helped me to understand that the consciousness is an indispensable tool in the process of healing. After attending the workshop, I feel healthy and energetic from within. It helped me to deal with inertia in my body to a certain extent. I feel peaceful and calm.”

“From my point of view, healing process through the power of consciousness also depends on the readiness and receptivity of one's body. After attending the workshop, I can feel positive changes happening gradually in my body mind and emotions. I feel good from inside and I hope to overcome all disorders associated with PCOD and cure completely with time and patience.”

“Everything can be healed but one must have the will to get healed. One must be willing to work on oneself and change oneself. Next is the question of time and finding the right process. No matter what disorder the organs are suffering from, there is an inner wisdom at work. if we engage deeply, it will show us what needs to be changed. One should love and respect one's body. Once there is love, light, respect and consciousness, the organs will heal and come back to their normal functioning. Effort is needed and most importantly, one must have faith in the Divine Grace.” 

“I have found s the summary notes useful. It helped me understand essential ideas, objectives and intentions of the workshop better.”

“Women are more powerful than we are raised to believe.”

[Your experience?]

“Deepening in our task as Mother's child. The Yoga of the cells, The Earth Yoga, Purification and Transformation.”

“I experienced peace, calmness and joy during the workshop. I felt lightness in my body as well as in my mind.”

“Peace. lightness. Also, slight anger with the word ‘menopause’ as a laugh that the men pause towards a women when she is no longer fertile. How ironic is that word menopause - like women get thrown away. Also, ‘my body’ felt more like a coming to part of the ‘Mother’s body’.”

[Benefit most from?]

“The meditations.”


“I can love my own body very deeply.”

“Loving ourselves.”

“No issues with PCOD however I would have liked some more info on PCOD. Especially the experience of what PCOD does to a person.

“Progress on my healing journey.”

“Breakthrough with the Divine Goddess always protecting me via the meditative way of this class.”