Feel the Mother's Presence Always

Start Date:21-Nov-2023

End Date:23-Nov-2023



‘Feel the Mother’s Presence Always’ was a deeply immersive three session online workshop, which was organised by NAMAH and facilitated by James Anderson. The facilitator has distilled some of his own personal lifelong experiences of developing ian nner connection with the Mother’s Consciousness and then staying connected with Her during the ups and downs of everyday life into a set of guided practices which incrementally introduce a variety of different aspects, aimed at bringing Integral Yoga practitioners into Mother’s fold on a sustained basis, thereby strengthening their Yoga further and significantly advancing their Yogic journey.

Session one introduced both open eye and closed eye practices in which we learnt about how to maintain a poise of surrender to the Mother (assisted by external picture) while keeping our focused breathing synchronised with Maa’s Japa. We were also introduced to bringing focus on the breath in the heart region and region above the head alongside our practices. We ended with a few homework recommendations to keep our practices going until the next session.

In session two, we learnt about continually invoking the Mother’s Presence internally in everyday life as well which helped us in further cementing of our sustained connection with the Mother’s consciousness. Experience of ‘Hole in the Sharp Rock’ guided practice had a tremendously calming impact which stayed with us even beyond the workshop.

Session three started with a re-emphasis on the importance of breath as an anchor alongside continuing Maa’s Japa and maintenance of poise of complete surrender to the Mother. The facilitator also conducted a guided practice in which we experienced inviting the Mother’s Presence into our body from above our head, The session ended with a few quotes from the ‘Mother’s Agenda’, followed by a practice in which we invited Mother’s White Light to envelope us with Her Ultimate Protection. 

The facilitator kept the participants fully engaged all through and kept inviting them to ask relevant questions and actively contribute to the group by sharing their own personal experiences with invoking Mother’s consciousness in their day-to day lives. Participants were also encouraged to provide experiential feedback about how the practices being introduced during the workshop were already starting to make a difference. Besides facilitating the individual participants to grow their respective personal connect with the Mother, this workshop had a unique effect of transforming the group into a Sangha of likeminded and aspirational devotees of the Mother who will hopefully remain united in their common purpose even beyond the workshop.


“Yes. It (the workshop) is a life changing experience if we integrate it into our everyday activities.”

“100%. I felt her presence in every cell from head to the toe during the last day’s practice. Now the goal is to bring it into every moment of life and serve her to best of my abilities.”

“No improvement needed, the sessions delivered on the promised title.”

“Through the guidance provided by James, it was relatively ease to connect with the Mother and feel her presence.”

Yes, I think this serves as a good foundation (to Integral Yoga) and provides a direction.

“Yes. I had struggled with the whole concept of surrender though having done it during moments of crisis. And I always felt surrender is the most difficult part of Integral Yoga. The session helped to feel Mother’s presence, which I normally used to experience in Pondicherry.”

[Take-homes] “Making the learnings of three-day exercises a part of the daily routine.”

“I am wondering of a possible sequel to this 3-day session? Perhaps “Living or working in Mother’s presence”, to provide insights into our attitude towards work and quality of work.”

“Opened up to new approaches that help in daily life.”

“I could feel the calmness of mind with the grace of the sweetest Mother.”

“The practices were absolutely inspiring, an easy way to surrender before Ma with all that I have.”

“I could feel Mother’s presence while practising japa, though my mind got distracted several times. But again my mind was under control with the help of Mother. Very helpful practice for me.”

I”t showed me the path to keep Mother in my thoughts and synchronize breathing and Japa.”

“Felt Mother's Presence and made me realise Mother is always there near me.”

[Take-homes} “Practice guidance as how we can meditate with the Mother at the Centre of our heart.”

‘It (the workshop) was beautifully paced.”

“Was grateful being reminded to be with Ma with every breath.”

“Whatever you do,  integrate the mantra into your every moment.”

“She was me and I was Her. This is how it used to be. Then the connection was weakened. Now it will be restored.”

“Presenter's knowledge, his presentation ability, his conduct. Unlike others, his was a wonderful effort that harmonised both the heart and the mind.”

“While observing the breath, chanting MA and focusing above head I started feeling difference in breathing pattern, thoughts were reduced, environment got calmed. It was a different experience.”

[Take-homes] “Offer everything to Mother including thoughts and start surrendering. Focus in heart, above head and chant MA along with the breath. Practise daily initially for 10 minutes to start with.

“Day 1: I sat for the programme with Mother Sri Aurobindo's photograph in front of me. As soon as I started concentrating, I could feel some energy coming towards my face from the photograph of the Mother ... I am thankful for the occasion that facilitated it. I could also feel myself breathing through my upper back when I concentrated on my breath, closing my eyes. Day 2: On Day 2, I was quite agitated over my official tasks. In spite of that, I could get into a meditative state. Day 3 A calmness and peace filled my being. I felt light. Thank you, Mr. James and Monica.”

“Yes, I realised that Mother's photos are Mother Herself!”

“The exercises in meditation were really good.”

“Although I was not able to attend the sessions live, went thru the recordings. Loved the way the sessions were conducted.”

“The entire workshop was conducted thru a series of practical and easy to follow steps. The fact that they are done by James himself made them so much more authentic and easier to relate to.”

“Using the breath and japa as an additional way, like a portal or an entry, to feel and be with the Mother in my heart at silence level.”

{relevance for Integral Yoga} “Yes.it is, but one needs to be careful that one size doesn't fit for all, like James said that each one has his/her own key to the Mother. Personally, I was triggered by Mother's saying that all questions coming straight from the heart will be answered, I felt her straight in my heart with an intimate relationship.”

“Just wonderful!!”

“The meditation on The Mother's Presence in the body and its cells was very profound and powerful.”