Entrepreneur Development Recall Training

Start Date:15-Nov-2023

End Date:17-Nov-2023

Location:15 Project villages

Institute:SARVAM, Puducherry

SARVAM has conducted entrepreneurship development training for over 300 female entrepreneurs in 15 diverse locations. In its early years, SARVAM played a pivotal role in helping thousands of women entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, offering motivation and support. The organization consistently conducts programmes to empower women in entrepreneurship, and this year, it selected 500 women business owners for specialized training to enhance their knowledge in their respective fields.

During the Entrepreneurs Development – Recall Training held at fifteen locations, female entrepreneurs engaged in discussions about their business challenges and expectations for their advancement. The sessions began with an exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship. Many participants expressed that the autonomy and satisfaction derived from owning a business surpassed the limitations of a monthly salary. They highlighted the flexibility of self-employment, allowing them to work according to their schedules.

The trainer underscored the freedom and decision-making benefits of owning a business, emphasizing that entrepreneurship fosters connections and friendships. The participants received refresher training on Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP), where the essential characteristics of a successful entrepreneur were discussed. These qualities included self-assurance, innovative thinking, self-activity, information gathering, opportunity creation and exploitation, careful planning, persistent work, assistance to others, and effective persuasion methods. The instructor also emphasized qualities such as willingness to complete tasks, dedication to quality, productivity, problem-solving, prioritizing, observation, and sensitivity to the welfare of employees.

Utilizing small activities, group discussions, and chart work, the training facilitated a quick understanding of entrepreneurial principles, bringing participants closer together. The programme's impact was evident as individuals expressed joy that the training reached their villages, enabling them to seek guidance on their skills. Participants left content with newfound insights into their trades. The programme's success has been widely acknowledged, with the local community expressing gratitude for the opportunity to acquire new skills. It has not only opened up new avenues for many but has also empowered individuals to pursue their dreams.