Launch of Devavani - AuroBharati Sanskrit Radio

Start Date:24-Nov-2023

End Date:24-Nov-2023



Let us meditate on the most auspicious (best) form of Savitri, on the Light of the Supreme which shall illumine us with the Truth. (Sri Aurobindo)

On the auspicious occasion of Siddhi Day, AuroBharati, Sri Aurobindo Society released ‘Devavani AuroBharati Sanskrit Radio’ on 24th November, 2023.

Sanskrit is the language in which India’s soul is reflected and expressed. Sanskrit as a language is fully conscious of itself, it can also be a means to become more conscious of our experiences, feelings and thoughts. We cannot claim to study India without spending some time on exploring and studying one of India’s most significant contributions to the humanity –Sanskrit language. We focus on developing a sound appreciation of some key aspects of Sanskrit, considered as the source of many other languages of the world.

Devavani-AuroBharati Sanskrit Radio presents the profound spiritual, philosophical, and literary knowledge forming the backbone of Indian cultural heritage and its importance in understanding cultural roots and ancient knowledge systems. It is an online platform based on a digital collection of audio materials related to Sanskrit and associated knowledge systems.

The objectives of Devavani-AuroBharati Sanskrit Radio are to communicate messages enshrined in the scriptures in a digital form, be it oral or textual. It aims to ensure access to the spirit of the ancient tradition through oral traditions, performing arts, rituals, and cultural practices in audio-visual form.

The project aimed to impart knowledge about the rich and vibrant tradition of Sanskrit through multimedia content (sound, text, audio, video and images). It is an attempt to provide an invaluable resource by identifying and preserving the grand literary heritage of India available in audio-visual form through a virtual network of repositories with online access to the resources.

Click Here for Devavani-AuroBharati Sanskrit Radio Website.

We request the Sanskrit lovers from various disciplines to contribute generously for the noble cause so that universal access to the resources can be possible. This will be an invaluable opportunity for the lovers of ancient scriptures to share their knowledge in a digital age. Kindly send digital content (preferably audio file and a short description) focusing on mantras, slokas, stotras, stories, chantings and interactions etc. at [email protected]/ Phone: +91-413-2336396/97/98,Ext.225