Deepavali Celebrations at SARVAM

Start Date:11-Nov-2023

End Date:11-Nov-2023

Location:30 Project villages


Diwali, originating from the term "Deepavali," signifying "a row of lights," involves the illumination of traditional clay oil lamps to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. As part of SARVAM's annual tradition, the organization celebrates Deepavali with children to impart an understanding of the significance of traditional events, emphasizing the importance of this cultural observance.

SARVAM annually conducts Deepavali celebrations with children, emphasizing tradition's teachings. Furthermore, students are educated about the environmental impact of excessive firecracker usage, highlighting the harm caused by smoke and air pollution. The associated risks, including fire hazards, are explained, with a plea for responsible and eco-friendly celebration practices. This year around 1000 children participated and enjoyed the celebration.

SARVAM gave food and gifts to the children, organizing enjoyable activities to enhance the festive spirit. The organization believes that educating children about the essence of Deepavali contributes to preserving and passing down this cultural heritage.

During the celebration, coordinators and volunteers expressed immense happiness, actively participating in and supporting the students. Their collaborative efforts ensured the event's success, and they took a moment to celebrate this accomplishment, expressing gratitude for the collective dedication that contributed to making the event memorable.