Our Cosmic Origins

Start Date:26-Dec-2023

End Date:28-Dec-2023



Our Cosmic Origins was a three-day workshop taking place from 26-28 December 2023 and organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health. Sigrid Lindemann facilitated the workshop, discussing and exploring the theme of finding our comic origin.

The first-day discussion's central theme was homing our spirit and developing an integral understanding of our relationship with HOME, an inside and outside approach to tracing our origins. There were profound explorations of the Works of Sri Aurobindo, and the Mother and the facilitator also discussed her practice of home therapy, which she uses to heal individuals by integrating their beings into cosmic consciousness.

Day 2 started by offering real-life examples of integral healing experiences through various methods, such as Holotropic Breathwork by Dr Stan Grof which is a revolutionary breathwork that explains that people breathe faster and more profoundly when they experience their inner journeys in their holotropic states of consciousness.

The third day of Cosmic Origin explored another vital technique to connect with the cosmic consciousness: the 'Hladina Method' by Soleil Lithman, where the layers of the heart are explored by meditating on the heart centre.

After providing the theoretical basis of these critical works, the facilitator ended every workshop session with a deeply guided meditation on the 'Going Home' theme, encouraging the participants to discover their inconceivable creative potential of Absolute Consciousness. The participants confirmed, after the meditation, that they felt the overabundance of cosmic possibilities, which quickly gave way to a creative expression of meditation.


• “The Meditations evoked visuals and deep sensations in the body.”

• “The concept of 'homing' was revelatory and empowering.”

• “It felt like a great release and brought wisdom to the mind and ease in the body.”