Students’ Quarterly Camp

Start Date:25-Sep-2023

End Date:30-Sep-2023

Location:40 project villages


The SARVAM'S quarterly Camp in the villages again set new beautiful milestones. Volunteers and parents provided a happy and meaningful experience for over 1000 students from SARVAM's 40 project villages for almost one week.

This year's programmes complemented the usual offerings of arts, crafts, dance, storytelling, yoga, martial arts, sports, soft skills, and field trips, capturing the children's attention and involvement. The activities were designed to develop the children's physical, cognitive, and social skills while allowing them to have fun. The programmes were designed to foster creativity and collaboration and to help the children to build self-confidence and resilience.

A camp for 1000 children in 40 villages was possible only with the hard work and organization of the village women who prepared snacks and served meals.

As always, the real test of success is how the children respond. Many visitors noted that the level of discipline, engagement and bliss among rural children was unlike anything they had ever seen. Many students can accomplish their dreams if motivated and supported by programmes like this. SARVAM Students' Camp has successfully provided such support and guidance to these students. It has been instrumental in helping rural children realize their potential and achieve their goals. The Camp has also been instrumental in creating a sense of unity, cooperation and mutual respect among the students.