Programme for the Vulnerable & the Aged

Start Date:13-Oct-2023

End Date:13-Oct-2023

Location:Satyam Community Centre


SARVAM gathered vulnerable people from its project villages at the Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai Village.

SARVAM usually organizes various programmes for vulnerable people every year, allowing them to get along with many people in society and forget their worries.

Games, fun activities and various other fun-filled activities are conducted in periodic intervals to the village's vulnerable, giving them hope in their life and getting meaning to their life.

There are many widows, older adults, and people who do not have anyone to care for them in villages. SARVAM always embraces people like this by conducting various motivational and valuable programmes to help them learn new things and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Three hundred vulnerable people came to the Satyam campus, and a motivational session was held for all of them, which helped them acquire the confidence to continue their lives.

They all felt tremendous relief from this programme because it allowed all the vulnerable people to get together and undergo motivational training. They asked SARVAM to plan more similar programmes for them shortly.