Student Engagement Session @ Rudrapur

Start Date:07-Oct-2023

End Date:09-Oct-2023



Shivakumar and Priti of SAFIER, the Integral Educational Wing of Sri Aurobindo Society, and Dr Arati of SACH (Sri Aurobindo Centre for Homoeopathy) visited the Rudrapur branch of Sri Aurobindo Society between 7th - 9th October 2023 and conducted several programmes organised by Shri Ravi Khandelwal ji, Chairperson of the branch.

On 7th October, Shivakumar and Priti interacted with 24 children of age group 12-18 years at the beautiful premises of the Rudrapur Branch through an Awareness game. The objective behind playing the game was to introduce the concept of developing stillness in movement, which would help them in getting nearer to their Inner Friend and thus help in awakening the Powers Within. The children responded with enthusiasm and found that they were able to discover their inner rhythm by invoking more and more stillness and went back home with joy after having a delicious snack.

On the next day, a meditation and interaction were organised, which was attended by more than 20 children accompanied by their teachers. After a meditation on the Mother’s music and recitation of the Durga Stotram by Sri Aurobindo, Priti spoke to the children on the need of becoming aware of one’s body, emotions, thoughts and the Inner Genius (the Psychic Being) which would help to lead a conscious and beautiful life. Shivakumar reinstated the need of awakening the hidden genius lying within each one in order to lead a life with more power in all the parts of the being. The following quote by the Mother was read out as the conclusion:

“There is a genius within every one of us — we don't know it. We must find the way to make it come out—but it is there sleeping, it asks for nothing better than to manifest; we must open the door to it.”

Dr. Arati concluded by sharing that the children were very lucky to be a part of this unique and special knowledge shared by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and wished them success in their lives and thanked Shri Ravi Khandelwal ji, Chairperson, and Shri Lalit Singh Bisht, Senior Member, both from the SAS Rudrapur branch, for doing such wonderful work of spreading the message of Integral Yoga.

On 9th October, Shivakumar on being invited by the Vice Chancellor of Surajmal University, Rudrapur, Shri H.S. Dhami, and organised by Shri Ravi Khandelwal ji, addressed around 150 - 200 students of Surajmal University on the Topic of “Purna Shiksha: Education for Life”, where he elaborated upon an education that can prepare the students to face life, an education that will help them to live their life to its fullest. With the help of an interactive dialogue filled with interesting stories and anecdotes, Shivakumar helped the students discover the need of invoking the Genius Within (the Psychic Being) to lead a better and inspired life. The students responded with a curiosity to know more about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and their approach to education & life. Mini booklets were distributed to all those interested.