Practising Yoga Nidra in the light of Mother's Agenda

Start Date:16-Oct-2023

End Date:20-Oct-2023



Below is a first-hand report from a participant

The 5-day Yoga Nidra workshop with Veronik was truly memorable.

So grateful for this opportunity.

Each day, the experience was different, because each day Veronik would silently feed our subconscious mind, during the practice of Yoga Nidra, with what she had integrated within after reading and continuously listening to the audios of Mother's Agenda.

Veronik told us that The Mother had instructed us to be as candid and simple as a child. Have no expectations. Welcome what comes. And that's what she made us experience through Yoga Nidra!

After almost every session, the mind felt quiet. After one particularly, there was a feeling that the 'i' (which is Reshma) didn't exist. There was One playing through all. Each one only being candid as a child. So there is no one to blame. Thoughts make up stories. No thoughts – the child being candid becomes visible. Falsehood drops.

Veronik's words, "We are one in diversity", became a concrete experience!

The prayer, "Mother purify me", just happened through the sessions effortlessly. She very subtly infused in our subconscious mind Mother's advice to watch thoughts as a spectator. Because of which, without trying, there was complete silence in the mind. No mind.

In the past I have used visualisation to see The Mother /The Lord /Light in my heart, on loved ones, on Mother Earth and to heal a particular part of the body, etc. In one of the Yoga Nidra sessions, Veronik said that visualisation quietens the mind and, if done using the will, it doesn't let the mind interfere with what comes in intuitively. That was a learning for me! I hadn't discovered it. Thank you, Veronik.

Veronik advised us to say these words of the Mother, "Aum Supreme Lord, take possession of these cells, this brain, nerves/body/matter, these atoms…” before falling asleep. This is Her ‘Prayer of the Cells’. It will undoubtedly help if recited every night.

Also Veronik said, "Time is an agreement – it doesn't really exist", thereby putting down a profound reality in such simple words.

It was quite evident from the experience we received from the Yoga Nidra practice that we did with Veronik that she's not only heard Ma's Agenda but has also let Ma's words percolate into the cells/thoughts/mind, transforming them.

Feel full of love and gratitude towards all of us who were united as one and shared our precious experiences for the 5 days we were with Veronik.

Thank you James, for making this workshop possible.

Love always with Her Grace.                                    



“I will keep listening to the recordings. Have been practising yoga Nidra for a few years…but this is so dear to my heart. I am very grateful for the combination of nidra techniques with the profound words of the Mother. Very grateful, thank you thank you!”

“The practice and the way Veronik answered questions and addressed us. She was so warm and compassionate.”

“Everything was magical, truly amazing, so blessed to be part of it. I could sense a strong connection Veronik has with The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and she gave me a way how to connect with them from your heart. She definitely added fuel to the sacred fire.”

“It was a delight, complete Mother's Grace. She inspired Veronik to share with us and blessed people like me to attend this amazing experience with so many practices we can incorporate in our daily life. Truly blessed and may Veronik offer this kind of session often.”

“It helped deepen the experience of Conscious-Force in all parts of the being.”

“Awakening, reawakening, and remembering was a gift of these sessions.”

“Had been looking for practice of Yoga Nidra. None of ones learnt earlier were comprehensive. This has provided true insight in to the practical aspects of Yoga Nidra.”

“The experience of silence brought about with no effort. Just acceptance of what was.”