The Language of Pain with Sigrid Lindemann

Start Date:26-Sep-2023

End Date:28-Sep-2023



In this workshop with Sigrid Lindemann, we embarked on a journey to unravel the intricate language of pain.  The sessions explored various aspects and the nature of pain and its relationship with different levels of consciousness and healing. Pain, we discovered, is not a mere physical sensation; rather, it serves as a profound messenger, conveying messages from various layers of consciousness. It discussed pain as a language that conveys a message to the individual and suggested ways to understand and address it. Sigrid Lindemann discussed whether pain is a real experience or a shadow of the true self.

Some key points from the talk included:

❖  Pain is not just a physical sensation; it extends beyond the boundaries of the physical realm and can be a manifestation of unprocessed emotional, mental, and even spiritual imbalances. The talk explored the concept of pain, both physical and emotional and how it is perceived and experienced. Pain can sometimes occur where it logically shouldn’t, such as in phantom pain or the existence of pain in unexplained areas.

❖  The sessions presented different therapeutic approaches & discussed therapies like Integral Regression Therapy, Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, and Hypnotherapy that can help to reduce or alleviate pain by addressing its underlying causes & energies.

❖  The sessions included insights from the Mother, who suggests a methodical approach to deal with pain in various ways, emphasising not giving it negative attention, bringing peace to the solar plexus, invoking the Divine presence, and calling the Divine Grace for healing.

❖  Sigrid Lindemann delved into the concept of pain as a form of consciousness by an accumulation of past experiences that were not fully processed at the time they occurred, resulting in emotional pain. The sessions also explored the difference between physical and emotional pain with the statement that some physical pain might have an emotional root.

❖  Sigrid Lindemann discussed the idea that pain is in different states of consciousness and the talk contemplated pain's role in human evolution, according to Vedanta philosophy the soul is ultimately in a blissful state and that pain is a shadow created by ignorance. The speaker suggested that pain may not be an absolute necessity for spiritual growth.

❖  The sessions delved into experiences related to pain, including suppressed emotions, and highlights that pain can manifest and resonate on different levels, including physical, emotional, and mental and how these levels are interconnected, in turn, this emotional trauma can lead to manifest as physical symptoms like paralysis and gall-bladder issues.  Sigrid Lindemann emphasised that healing involves addressing the emotional and psychological layers.  And also, she highlighted the significance of learning from pain and understanding its deep significance in conveying the subtle message.

❖  The sessions drew wisdom from ancient texts like the Kena Upanishad, emphasising the importance of recognising the eternal aspect beyond sensory perception. In the talk, she brought in Sri Aurobindo’s concept; there are four stages in the pain God gives to us; when it is only pain; when it is pain that causes pleasure; when it is pain that is pleasure; and when it is purely a fiercer form of Delight. This may be attributed to psychological and spiritual growth in the human consciousness.

❖  Sigrid Lindemann discussed how suppressing emotions can lead to various physical and emotional disorders and then she shared some methods for reconnecting the different levels of being and enhancing the flow of life-energy, including breath-exercises, prayer, visualisation, meditation, sound, energy healing, and regression therapy. She discussed different planes of consciousness, consisting of different layers or sheaths, including the physical, mental, and vital, and how they interact with each other and also discussed how important it is to address the emotional and psychological aspects of pain, since they affect the bodily functioning.  The integral approach to healing was elucidated, emphasising the restoration of harmony and order across different levels of consciousness through techniques like self-affirmation and thymus activation.

❖  The sessions mentioned the use of the Sensation Method of Homoeopathy to treating pain by matching sensations to remedies from different plant families. The sessions briefly mentioned pain in childbirth and highlights the approach of harmonious and conscious experience, mindfulness, and proper preparation in having a potentially painless birthing experience especially when the mother and baby are in sync.

❖  Sigrid Lindemann suggested that pain can be a message that guides individuals towards healing and greater consciousness and mentioned Integral Regression Therapy as a way to explore and heal different layers of emotional and energetic pain.

❖  She narrated case-studies of individuals dealing with persistent pain and how they found healing through emotional and energy work processing. An example is given where a client’s persistent toe pain was linked to past emotional pain, and healing involved expressing and understanding these emotions. In another instance, personal experience was shared by narrating a story of persistent pain from wisdom tooth extraction and highlighting the connection between pain and disconnection within oneself.

❖  Finally, she briefly touched on the necessity of dying and commented that, due to the limitations of the human body and its consciousness, death still persists. Death is inevitable as long as the body's current state is not yet sufficiently developed to continue its growth to correspond to the inevitable and concurrent need for change.

Feedback from the participants:



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“Insight on the emotional and psychological aspects of pain.”

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In summary, this workshop explored the multi-faceted nature of pain from a holistic perspective, its relationship with different levels of consciousness, and offered insights into approaches for healing and re-establishing these levels for a more harmonious and pain-free existence. Pain has a language that communicates messages from different levels of consciousness and suggested various approaches on multiple levels to understand and manage it for healing. Also, pain may serve a purpose in the evolution. She stated that infusing consciousness into the body’s cells can help to alleviate pain. The session also briefly discussed the concept of death, with human development and the need for consciousness to evolve further. She concluded by emphasising the importance of restoring harmony and order and then ultimately transcending pain for personal well-being.