Mind Matters with Nitasha Sharma

Start Date:19-Sep-2023

End Date:27-Oct-2023



Mind Matters, a workshop facilitated by Nitasha Sharma and organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health was an 8-day practical experiential journey that delved deeply into the workings of our mind. It commenced with a theoretical exploration of our individual selves, drawing comparisons between Western and Indian philosophies, and delving into the various components of the mind and its different states.

We became aware of Cognitive Fusion through a series of exercises and learned how to achieve Cognitive Diffusion. Vivid imagery was employed at times to help us clearly understand what happens behind the scenes. It became clear that we have the capacity to anchor ourselves and move beyond Cognitive Fusion, returning to a state of awareness. We engaged in various activities that aided us in identifying hidden areas of attachment and fusion and learned specific grounding exercises.

Each day, homework assignments were given to enhance our learning and experiences. In one assignment, we were encouraged to rewrite our story of suffering from a new perspective, which helped to start to release us from the suffering and initiate a healing process.

From this state of awareness and inner connection, we engaged in exercises to uncover our core values, enabling us to develop an action plan aligned with these values. The group provided invaluable support, significantly broadened our perspectives and aided us on our journey toward our goals. In this non-judgmental space, we experienced immense support, compassion, and love for each other, which propelled our progress and equipped us to mindfully utilise our mind.


“Benefited a lot and loved the way the facilitator interacted with us.”

“Nitasha is an excellent, authentic and sincere facilitator. She makes conscious efforts to engage the participants involved through different activities.”

“It certainly helped me to grow and evolve. She motivated us enough to keep moving on this path as a lifestyle thing.”

“I have a suggestion. This course was spread over two months - 4 days in each month. Please consider having such courses by her spread over 3 to 6 months or even 1 year - each month can have a certain focus - thus people like me will enjoy attending the whole course, but please keep it open for those who would like to attend for just one or more months - they can join at any stage.”

“The class participants all participating — interaction with the instructor and James too.”

“Game changing for how I approach daily activities.”

I am changing the way that I work with planning now — planning connected with dates. It is no longer a “To Do” list with no dates: now, I am working on making discrete time periods for activities…say one hour for one hour and appear to get tasks done in the time allocated. Next step is to plan with date/times connected. I really am super grateful for the last session where you all shared and showered so much love to help me on my path. It made a great change in my life since I got back to my “home” in Annapolis on Friday evening. Thank you!! I feel a great organization happening and just hope to keep this going when I work my next active/live bid which gets a “due” date always.