Awareness workshop on Humanity and Kindness

Start Date:24-Jul-2023

End Date:24-Jul-2023

Location:Satyam Community Centre


SARVAM conducted a workshop on humanity for 50 rural women at their Satyam campus. The workshop was aimed at creating awareness among rural women about the importance of humanity and the need to spread kindness in society. The event was attended by women from different walks of life who shared their experiences and discussed ways to create a more humane society.

Group discussions, role plays, group games, and shared stories were part of the workshop. These activities enabled the participants to develop problem-solving and communication skills, build trust, and foster collaboration. They also allowed participants to learn from each other and gain new insights.

The real stories shared by others deeply touched each participant, and everyone understood their responsibilities as good humans.

 They have all committed to positively contributing to society, helping others in need, and making a difference. They strive to use their resources, knowledge and capabilities to make a lasting impact. They are determined to create a better future for all. They are driven by the desire to create a better world where everyone can live in peace, security, and prosperity. They are inspired by the power of collective action to create a more equitable society. They are determined to make a difference.

The workshop ended with a discussion about ways to bring about positive change in society and spread the message of kindness. The participants showed enthusiasm and willingness to work together to improve the world. Sarvam is planning to conduct similar workshops soon.