The importance of smart work over hard work – A Training Programme

Start Date:12-Jul-2023

End Date:12-Jul-2023

Location:Satyam Community Centre

Institute:SARVAM, Puducherry

SARVAM conducted training on the importance of smart work over hard work at Satyam Community Centre on July 12, 2023.

Around 25 village volunteers were trained on the importance of smart work over hard work through a capacity-building programme. This training aimed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the volunteers' work. They learned to use their skills and resources most effectively to achieve the desired results. It also encouraged them to use innovative approaches to solve problems.

In addition to group discussions, role plays, and presentations by participants using tips, the participants participated in group activities. These activities helped them apply the concepts they had learned and understand teamwork's importance. The trainers helped to foster a sense of camaraderie and cooperation among the participants. The activities were an essential part of the learning process and were highly appreciated by the participants. The group activities also provided the opportunity to practice problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills.

July 12 is observed as Simplicity Day and Paper Bag Day. Hence, participants shared their thoughts about both. They agreed that less is more when living a simple life. They also discussed the importance of reducing plastic waste and how paper bags are a great way. They shared tips on how to make sustainable choices when shopping.

The participants felt that the training would help them to work smarter, better and faster, leading to greater productivity and higher satisfaction levels. They also thought they could maximize the impact and make a massive difference in their productivity. This will also help to drive positive changes and create a better future for all. Furthermore, it will also help to build stronger relationships among team members, increasing collaboration and trust.