Yoga in Daily Life: Guidance from the Mother (with special emphasis on conscious cooking)

Start Date:06-Jul-2023

End Date:06-Jul-2023

Location:Sri Aurobindo Society


As part of the Renaissance’s latest issue (June-July 2023, Click here for Renaissance) on the theme: Food, Sleep and Yoga, a special event was organised by the Renaissance team to conclude its Exhibition on Conscious Eating and Cooking. On 6th July, 2023, the final day of the exhibition, Ms. Deepshikha Reddy was invited to speak on the topic – “Yoga in Daily Life: Guidance from the Mother”.

The event began at 4:00 pm with a short meditation to invoke the Divine presence. 

Dr. Beloo Mehra then briefly introduced the guest speaker giving details of her multifaceted talents and experience in the 

fields of Integral Education, Music, Painting, and Administration. Ms. Reddy is a faculty member and general administrator at Sri Aurobindo Center of Advanced Research (SACAR), Puducherry.

But as Dr. Mehra pointed out, the background which was most significant for the day’s deliberations was that she had received direct guidance from the Mother herself about living and growing consciously, and that she has had years of experience working in various Ashram departments including the kitchen for Ashram school children.

In an intimate satsang type ambience, the audience really enjoyed listening to various stories Ms. Reddy narrated from the Mother's times, especially the interactions of senior sadhaks with the Mother. These anecdotes were mostly about how the Mother gently and sometimes firmly guided people in the Ashram on becoming conscious of each and every 

movement that is part of our daily experience.Ms. Reddy was sincere and open in her sharing of the challenges she had faced herself and also how other sadhaks struggled to control their desires and to bring about a transformation of outer nature.

  1. To rise in consciousness
  2. Creating space for the Mother within
  3. Understanding the body and communicating with the body
  4. Repeated advice from the Mother to “Quieten oneself.”

While touching on the subject of Desire and Food, she regaled the audience with funny anecdotes from her cherished memories which had the audience in splits. She also emphasised how the Mother always reminded of the significance of inner harmony when it comes to any kind of ill-health or sickness.

The participants were also privileged to listen to Dr. Ananda Reddy who shared some enlightening remarks based on deep insights from the Upanishads about Annam and Annamaya Purusha. He highlighted the Upanishadic truth that Matter is at the base of this universe and that the ultimate Brahman expressed itself in Matter of which food was an important. This is why hunger plays such an important role in man’s evolutionary march – starting from hunger for material food to hunger for the spiritual food.

The event ended with tea and snacks.


For a full gallery of photos from the event, please click HERE.