A Date with the Forest Walk

Start Date:25-Jun-2023

End Date:25-Jun-2023


Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

On 25th June 2023, a group of nature enthusiasts working in various companies belonging to the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) requested for a nature walk in Aurovanam, Society's little afforested area in Tamil Nadu.

The walk was conducted by Kavita who walked with them through the forest area, through the old thick vegetation and newly planted thriving saplings. The group discussed on topics like relation of forests and our health, the relation of trees and water, air, capturing carbon to fight climate change, providing food and life-saving medicines, and improving the well-being.

The species of trees in AuroVanam belong to the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) is the indigenous forest of the coastal seaboard of South East India. The walk touched on this specific flora and fauna which is home to a number of birds, reptiles, butterflies, mammals, etc.

The group of walkers were very happy with dense trees towering around them, sunlight peeking through the foliage and walking on the soft carpet of fallen leaves. They want to be part of future nature related activities.

Getting out into nature is good and walking in the forest can have a tangible and positive effect on one’s health. It decreases negative feelings of stress, depression, anger, fatigue, anxiety, and confusion, and improves cognitive skills.

At AuroVanam, the Society plans to do many walks from the coming August onwards for tourists and Pondicherry people.