Family Health Advisory Programme

Start Date:01-Jun-2023

End Date:12-Jun-2023

Location:3 Project Villages


Family Health Advisory Programme is the health and hygiene initiative of SARVAM in collaboration with the Department of Preventive & Social Medicine, JIPMER. Initially, this project will be executed in three villages of SARVAM from 6th June '23.

A team of doctors from Department of Preventive & Social Medicine, JIPMER, visited the three SARVAM project villages on 1st June as part of this program. They interacted with the coordinators to understand the general health issues and to sensitize them on preventive health care. They also discussed health problems that could be addressed through the SARVAM project. 

A vital part of this visit was to discuss SARVAM'S role and JIPMER's role in this initiative and how smoothly the implementation can take place with the community, as well as to interact with the coordinators and learn more about the village's health and hygiene-related needs. 

The team also discussed the potential for long-term collaboration regarding resources and capacity building for the community. They also explored ways to leverage the strengths of both SARVAM and the village to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

Following are a few highlights:

Role of SARVAM:

  1. To identify the required number of cooperative families willing to participate, initially and during the course.
  2. Communicate with the residents about the details of these families. Priority can be given to families having members with diabetes, hypertension, tuberculosis, pregnant or lactating woman, under-five children or adolescents.
  3. To intimate the PHC and village leaders about the activity.

Role of JIPMER:

  1. To verify the families before the start of the activity (role of JRs and SRs concerned) for cooperation and willingness.
  2. Communicate to the SARVAM team about any difficulty faced while approaching the family.
  3. To intimate the PHC and village leaders about the activity.
  4. To send a progress report of the activity every three months to the Sarvam team.

The visit helped to make the health programme clear and logical and to achieve positive results. The visit also helped to create a better understanding of the working of the programme and its goals. It also allowed everyone to ask questions and discuss the programme in greater detail.

The team will continue with their village visits until 31 March 2024 .