Community Health Awareness Programme

Start Date:05-Jun-2023

End Date:05-Jun-2023

Location:Satyam Community Centre


As part of an initiative by SARVAM in collaboration with the Indian Overseas Bank, 12 villages in Vanur taluk of the Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu, have been offered health care and rural development services. The initiative will run from February 2023 to January 2024.

A second health awareness program to increase health literacy was held at the Satyam community centre in Poothurai for a new batch comprising 150 women. This training aimed to impart knowledge on achieving a healthy environment and lifestyle and facilitate the prevention and early detection of diseases.

The program was designed to improve knowledge and understanding of health issues in the community so that people can take control of their health. It included sessions on nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and basic first aid.

Two experienced expert health nursing officers conducted the awareness program on health and well-being and chronic diseases. Additionally, the trainers clarified how important it is for women to practice yoga and exercise daily to ward off illnesses and disabilities by raising awareness of women's health problems.

The trainers also gave helpful tips and advice on balancing work and personal life and managing stress. They discussed the importance of eating nutritious meals and the risks associated with smoking and drinking alcohol. Finally, they encouraged the women to regularly visit the doctor for checkups.

Additionally, the trainer explained how sudden emotional stress can cause serious cardiac problems, how depression and chronic diseases develop within the body, and how to manage their time to maintain good health. Exercises that can be practised daily were also taught to the women.

The trainer also discussed the importance of proper nutrition and lifestyle changes to promote healthy living. The women were encouraged to create a plan to make these changes and incorporate them into their daily lives. Finally, the trainer encouraged the women to seek help from a medical professional if they needed assistance. The trainer also offered follow-up support to ensure the women could stick to their plans. The women were given the trainer's contact information for additional support.

The program was well-received by the attendees and resulted in improved health literacy in the community. This, in turn, led to better decision-making regarding healthcare choices and access to services. The program also provided a platform for individuals to discuss their health-related concerns and access resources to address them.