Discovering Love & Healing

Start Date:23-May-2023

End Date:25-May-2023



The sessions on exploration into the healing power of love with Dr. Subhashree Savadamuthu were conducted from 23 to 25th May 2023.  The sessions aspired to unfold a deeper understanding of emotions through fun, play, creative expression and meditative immersions, so that love can flow freely from the deepest Self.

Below is the report from one participant who attended the session.

First and foremost, my heartfelt regards and appreciation to NAMAH, for bringing together such wonderful sessions for us. I would like to thank James for organising them and also giving me the opportunity to make notes and share my experience.

I was very grateful for the three-day workshop conducted by Dr. Subhashree Savadamuthu on the topic ‘Love and Healing’, which were insightful, interesting and immersive.

On the first day, I felt a deep connection with the people around me, whom I had not often expressed my gratitude in day-to-day life. The flame connection exercise helped me to be aware about the people, animals and all objects that help us live. When we sent our heart’s warmth to our fellow participants, it was an overwhelming experience. It was as if I am becoming one with the spirit of the Universe.

The second session was about experiencing the oneness with the food we eat. When I held the fruit in my hand and felt its journey from a tiny seed to a ripe fruit, offering itself to me, so that I could get nourished, it was magical. I felt that we often take these things for granted and forget to appreciate the very small but very important aspects of life. Envisioning the journey of the fruit was akin to experiencing my own journey of life, full of bitter-sweet memories, the desire to be helpful to others whenever possible and to find my own space. I could identify with the hardships the seed had to withstand, such as weather changes, being transported from one place to other, settling and unsettling in varied environment; transforming elements like soil, water and sunlight to grow and in the end offer its best to the world. We as humans also are undergoing constant transformation in order to become the better versions of ourselves. This process needs to be appreciated as much as the product after transformation.

Finally, on the third day, we held space to acknowledge attachments. The exercise of going back before birth, where we had no identity of name, occupation, etc. was wonderful. It was an eye- opener. A wonderful insight which I got during this was that, in the disguise of becoming good or ideal, we often get attached with our ego by being good or correct every time. The difference between divine Love and human love helped me understand the pitfalls in my relationships. I need not feel responsible for another person’s behaviour every time. Everyone is free to act as per their will. The qualities of divine Love such as: no need of recognition or feedback from our loved one, are those which I have to work on.

All of these practices, when done regularly and sincerely, and with honest prayers to God or the Mother will help me to experience healing and love in its true sense.

Once again, thank you, Dr. Subhashree, James and my fellow participants. It was wonderful to learn from your experiences as well.


“It’s a blessing. It’s opened a lot for me. To pause and go back, feeling that love.”

I” deeply enjoyed the guided meditations by Dr. Subhashree, especially the first day when we did the 2 drawing exercises while connecting to pure love experience that brings tears to the eyes then to connect to the spark of divinity within self and within everyone and everything around us.”

“I experienced so much love with the constant reminder to connect to our Essence which is one and the same in us and around us.”

“First one [take-home] is to be able to always connect to the divine spark that is always present in people and animals and plants and even in things all around me. The second is to remember that I am not the body nor the thoughts. To be the presence that I am prior to manifesting as the first tiny cell will stay with me as a profound reference point.”

[Take-home] “Feeling the flame of love in me and all creatures.”

[Take-home] “A meditative process daily in the morning could lead our day being well balanced and to see the love in every living and non-living things.”

“Living the Divinity, bringing Divine into daily life, Divine means love, reaching the peaceful mind, feeling the pure truth, lighting the flame of love and Divinity.”

“Summaries are greatly appreciated. It is good to know that they are there when one needs to refer back to the workshop.”

[Enjoy most?]  “The loving and peaceful atmosphere!!!”

[Enjoy most?] “How each day was different -and yet the days are like interlocking puzzle pieces or bridges.”

“Awesome – all days were great. I enjoyed day three the most – it is a crescendo to the three days. It is one thing to tell folks that they are not the body — and this class gave a meditation to sequence through seeing/experiencing this.”

“The class reminded me that I am really a flame of consciousness and not the body. Helps me to relate that others are not the body. // one of my bosses is a two-time Space Shuttle astronaut and Commander of the Shuttle, including the Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission. I got great joy that we are all in an astronaut suit here (the body) on Earth. It was a real delight today (Thursday session). Thank you forever, ever!”

[Take-home] “Eating with reverence by being mindful of the Divine who has taken the form of fruit. The experience of not being the mind or body but the soul.”

“I wasn't able to attend live and, for personal reasons, I watched the recordings in various sessions, which was not ideal, so I think I need some more time to practise. But the feeling was there was so much love.”