A Consciousness Approach to Asthma & Lung Health by Dr. Yogesh Mohan

Start Date:25-Apr-2023

End Date:29-Apr-2023


Institute:SAIIIHR, Puducherry

The Consciousness Approach offers the only true panacea for all the ills. In this online workshop, Dr Yogesh Mohan guided the participants through a journey of inner healing, particularly focusing on those with asthma problems and lung health issues. This can be a debilitating and chronic condition, but one which can be cured. This workshop aimed to awaken the healing powers from within. These sessions were conducted in a sacred atmosphere, instilled a deep bond with their bodies as the participants learnt a simple but profound way to live and heal. 

One participant has written the following report of the workshop.  Hence, this is a first hand, first person report.

I'm so grateful to Dr Yogesh for this workshop. And to you for asking me to write down my experience.

The meditations we were taken through by Dr Yogesh, in his soothing voice, helped me to reconnect with Ma.  Going within and watching the energy-flow in the body, brings so much peace when all that happens within happens without judgments, preferences and opinions.  Liberation from the little 'i'.

At times there is a watching of thoughts arising without fearing the ones that have been labelled morally 'wrong'. Without being proud of the ones labelled morally 'right'. Remembering Sri Aurobindo's words "Whether it seem good or evil to men's eyes only for the good the secret Will can work"…  brings in a quiet acceptance to what life brings. 

When we did the meditation on fear there was a realisation that fear is an emotion that arises when I believe in the negative thoughts that arise. When they are adopted as 'mine'.  I was reminded of the time when there was fear and a calling arose to Ma and Sri Aurobindo in retaliation to the fear till the fear was drowned.

In the meditation we did on love for the breathing apparatus and for those in our lives, there were memories of people I had hurt that came up. I sent them lots of love and Light and asked for forgiveness from Ma.  Because of the meditation, I was reminded to love myself despite my past actions. Actions are not wholly who we are. So don't judge people for their actions, was the reminder. Let love be a constant. 

The meditation in which we did breathing with awareness in the belly, I was taken to the time when that had become quite a regular practice, thanks to my beloved teacher, Jehangir Palkhivala, who had taught it to us. Of late, the practice had been forgotten. Being reminded of it by Dr Yogesh, the mind once again became calm and found no need to twin with someone else's reactive mind.

When I went for a walk, and once again like in the past, I carried on watching the movements of the belly due to the breath; the mind chatter dropped and awareness of the body grew. I am so grateful for this. 

Loved the meditation where we breathed in Ma and breathed out with the vibrations of Ma. It was so simple. Seeing Her within and surrendering to Her. Breath consciousness grew. Breath slowed down. I have re-started my walks which I had given up. I feel I can walk longer without getting out of breath. Also the inhaler, Sereflo 250, that I was taking at bedtime in the night I have reduced it to Sereflo 125 since the past few days. 

I am extremely grateful for this beautiful journey towards Self awareness. 

Once again, and many more times, thank you Dr Yogesh. And thank you James for bringing us all together. There was a great learning from everyone's sharing in the group. About 25 participants registered for this workshop.


“Long back I remembered I had frequent upper respiratory tract issues, allergies and it reached to some point I was about to take inhalers. Later, approx 13 years back, when my spiritual journey began, my symptoms started getting better and I don't face much problems now. Though I did not understand much about this change, while I was listening to Dr Yogesh sir, I remembered that the inner work which was taken place from then and continuing, that helped me heal my body as well as mind. I am a living example of what sir has shared in the workshop. I am also a Krishna devotee, and love to see all beings as living embodiment of Shri Krishna.”

“Deepened the understanding of emotional impact on the body and mind.”

“As always, I deeply appreciate and enjoy the loving healing presence of Dr. Yogesh. His sacred guided meditations have profound powerful energy that uplifts all parts of the being to higher realms of consciousness. All parts of being bathe in loving healing energies. I experience deep gratitude and calm peace.”

“Dr. Yogesh’s ‘Consciousness As Medicine’ approach has powerful healing capacities that can be directed to any part or system of the body that is calling for attention. I didn’t have a problem with my respiratory system but I directed the healing energy towards the whole body, and still this energy is driving me to make healthy choices with the food I choose to offer to the body, and the attitude with which I address it.

“I was brought back to my centre.”

Learning? ”Believe, wait and you'll be cured”

“Summaries are greatly appreciated. They are invaluable resource when one needs to go back and refresh the information.”