Connecting with Love and Joy in Everyday Life

Start Date:06-May-2023

End Date:06-May-2023


Institute:Branches & Centres

The programme ‘Connecting with Love and Joy in Everyday Life’ was facilitated by Shri Arul Dev at the Coimbatore Branch on May 6, 2023. It was an interactive session where he invited the participants to share their understanding on what according to them was “Love." It led the participants to realise and acknowledge that love holds the powerful ability to be able to connect from the core of the heart and spread its vibration everywhere.

The talk focused on the poise of reorienting the attention from the surface being to the deeper regions of the heart and also on understanding the impact of thought patterns and how emotional disturbances can have an adverse effect on the physical and mental well-being. Shri Arul Dev elaborated on the importance of accepting things as they are and not to magnify its negativities. Furthermore, the beneficial effect of breath awareness to bring balance in the body was emphasised. He led the participants to bring their attention to their breath and direct the breath to different parts of the body with a concentrated mindfulness.

He initiated the seekers to become conscious of multiple sensations such as joy, sadness etc. produced from one’s being. The practice grew in depth as the participants were guided to connect to the inner states, referred to as the 'cave of the heart’. They were then asked to invoke the Mother, or an image or a quality such as peace and harmony as a support to fix their focus. He initiated another practice where the participants were asked to connect to a flower and feel it. The sensorial parts were stimulated. He encouraged the participants to look at the flower then to touch it and feel its texture and fragrance and then to enter the flower as if it is a portal, a doorway to a quality innately present.

After this practice each one began to sense that the flower holds a quality such as peace, power, harmony, beauty etc., that reflects in each one. Through this practice we invite the quality into our being and embody its essence. It also facilitates healing of all afflictions.

The session ‘Connecting to Love and Joy in Daily Life’ by Shri Arul Dev was well received by the seekers. It was a meaningful gathering for all present in the session. The participants actively discussed and took part in the session with enthusiasm. Everyone gained a thorough introspection and a reflective analysis of the self through the activities.

Such practice based sessions at regular intervals will be planned and arranged once in every quarter.