Exploring the Harmonious Whole – Individual & Collective by Arul Dev

Start Date:10-Apr-2023

End Date:13-Apr-2023



Exploring the Harmonious Whole – individual & Collective, a 4-day-workshop, was facilitated by Arul Dev in order to practically orient participants towards harmony which has two-faced nature:

  1. Total acceptance of the current circumstances and yet leaving a space for gentle evolution.
  2. Harmony invokes a deeper connection with something higher which can facilitate that evolution.

The first session was about exploring the harmony inside our own selves and in our bodies without blocking any flow of sensations and feelings. For this practice, Arul Dev requested us to make our breath central to our aspiration and use it as a concrete entity to which we can keep returning. There were very deep and moving experiences of the participants after the end of the session.

The 2nd session was based on developing harmony in human relationships. As stated by Arul Dev, human relationships are one of the most challenging aspects of human life. The practice introduced by Arul was based on three aspects:

  1. Harmony within oneself, accepting the sensations of other people.
  2. Creating a harmonious and conscious space between you and the other person.
  3. Connecting the other person with their Higher Self.

Towards the end of this session, many participants noted the concrete shift in their bodies and also in their relationships.

The 3rd session was a deep sensorial practice where all the participants were encouraged to choose one incident from their childhood that they found challenging. After that, Arul Dev started the practice and asked the participants to go deeper into the Cave of their hearts and find soulful beauty in those incidents. The overall impact of the workshop was therapeutic, deeply moving and revelatory.

Arul Dev started the last session with a core practice of the workshop, which was going into the depths of our being and connecting with the divine Laughter. The practice was done by going up and seeing one’s life in totality which includes the past, present and future. After that, one dives deep into the substance of the body and finds the quality of divine Laughter and Joy. Towards the end of the workshop, the participants expressed deep gratitude as this workshop truly brought concrete transformations within them and opened a possibility for individual evolution.


  •  Clarity of the work still needs to be done. Develop more practice and awareness, connect and heal my inner-self in order to move forward and be transformed.”
  • I enjoyed deepening my connection to my body in a group of like-minded kind people.
  • The experience was very profound and shifted certain behaviour-patterns that were being held unknowingly. It felt like a great release. Thank you Arul and James for this experience.