Ensuring immunization and critical preventive health interventions early, middle and late childhood

Start Date:26-Apr-2023

End Date:26-Apr-2023



Shanthi Ashram of Coimbatore conducted an online session on Ensuring immunization and critical preventive health interventions in early, middle and late childhood. Around 15 volunteers and 12 mothers from SARVAM participated in this online programme.

The facilitator, Dr Nandhini Kumaran, started the session by letting the team know the importance of immunization and vaccination for young children. She listed the names of all the vaccinations that must be given to the children from day one of their birth. She further clarified that immunization is the only way to prevent early death in infants. Also, this will reduce the spread of infectious diseases. She also highlighted the importance of ensuring public access to vaccines and promoting their use among the population.

Her explanation included information about vaccinations for pregnant women and children. Vaccinating expectant mothers helps the mother and baby from certain illnesses. It is vital for young children whose immune systems have not yet fully developed. It insisted that all pregnant women and children get vaccinated according to the recommended schedule.

In her words, even girls in their adult years can receive a cervical cancer vaccine. The vaccine is designed to protect women from the human papillomavirus, which is a significant cause of cervical cancer. It is recommended that all adolescent girls should receive the vaccine to protect them from this potentially life-threatening disease. Further, Dr Nandhini clearly explained the vaccines available at the government hospitals and those available at the private clinics.

The volunteers were asked to pass on this important information to all the villagers, especially pregnant women, so they would follow the proper immunization schedule per the government's recommendation. It was an informative and valuable session.