World Health Day

Start Date:08-Apr-2023

End Date:08-Apr-2023

Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai


As part of World Health Day, more than 100 students were imparted knowledge of personal hygiene and its importance by SARVAM at the Satyam Community Centre.

World Health Day is observed on the 7th of April to promote a healthy lifestyle and awareness about health and healthcare in general.

Since health is the most fundamental aspect of an individual's life, SARVAM conducted an awareness programme on the importance of personal hygiene. More than 100 students participated in this programme.

The training began by stressing the importance of health for observing World Health Day. The students discussed the importance of physical and mental health and its impact on their lives. They learned about the benefits of healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

The trainer focused on and advised the following points.

  • Drink - a lot of water or water-based beverages to keep the body hydrated
  • Hot Sun - Take precautions, do not go out in the sun when it's shining brightly.
  • Eyes protection - It is not just the skin that needs to be protected, but the eyes as well.
  • Watch your food - One should avoid eating ice cream in the summer. Instead, eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest.
  • Play indoors– Play indoors during the afternoons to avoid exposure to extreme heat.
  • Dress appropriately – Wear cotton clothes rather than synthetic ones to avoid skin problems. Lighter colours will attract less heat. Hence choose lighter colour garments.
  • Refresh yourself – Summer is the perfect time to learn something new.
  • Protect yourself –Cover the head with some caps or hats.

The trainer taught the students proper hand-washing methods and gave them the task of spreading awareness in the community. The students suggested using social media and other communication channels to reach a wider audience. Finally, they committed to practising healthy habits and becoming ambassadors for World Health Day.