Make a daily routine for yourself with yoga

Start Date:04-Apr-2023

End Date:04-Apr-2023

Location:Satyam Community Centre


SARVAM organized a ToT workshop on “Make a Daily Routine for Yourself” for Aurosakhis and volunteers by the expert trainers in the Satyam Community Centre.

The simplest yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation techniques can effectively release stress from the body and mind that accumulates daily. Yoga poses, pranayama, and meditation can help reduce stress in both the body and the mind.

To promote the health project to community members, Sarvam conducted a ToT workshop on 4th April 2023, for 20 Aurosakhis and volunteers. The workshop focused on creating awareness and building the capacity of the participants on health and yoga. The Aurosakhis and volunteers were also equipped with skills to conduct yoga and simple exercises. They were given practical training to ensure they could effectively implement the same in the community.

It is challenging for women to find the time to do yoga or exercises in villages, which leads to a need for more awareness regarding health issues. This can lead to physical and mental health problems in the long run. It is essential to recognize the need to prioritize the health and well-being of women in villages.

The workshop focused on simple yoga techniques and exercises they can use every day in their daily lives. Participants enthusiastically participated in the workshop. After warming up and stretching, yoga poses and pranayama, as well as meditation, were also introduced during the workshop. Participants learned how to control their breath and how to access the deeply relaxed state of meditation. They also had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the different aspects of mindfulness and yoga. Participants were given exercises to relieve stress, reduce joint pain, and enhance back flexibility. The practices included stretching and breathing techniques as well as meditation and visualization. These activities were designed to help participants relax and improve their physical and mental well-being.

In addition to motivating participants, trainers stressed the importance of extending the practice of yoga beyond the training and making it an integral part of our daily lives. The instructors and participants concluded the session by having an interactive discussion in which queries were addressed satisfactorily and healthy nutritional food habits were explained. The participants were also encouraged to make healthy lifestyle changes such as reducing their intake of processed foods and exercising regularly. The attendees were given a handout summarizing the information discussed at the session. Everyone left with a renewed understanding of their own health and well-being.

The session was very refreshing, reviving and relaxing. All the participants ensured that all would practice the same in their everyday routine and encouraged the community members to do the same. This practice helps to reduce stress, and improve mental health and overall well-being. It also leads to increased productivity and creativity. All of these benefits can have a positive impact on both individual and collective success.