Partnership Meeting with stakeholders for developing AuroKrishi Project

Start Date:25-Mar-2023

End Date:25-Mar-2023

Location:Sri Aurobindo Society


Sri Aurobindo Society has successfully established Natural Farming in Pondicherry Prison. It is now establishing a school of Natural Farming for small lady farmers, veterans, war widows, and their families. On 25th March 2023, Sri Aurobindo Society met with RDO trust, The Golden Hands, First World Community Organic Farming, and ICCOA to make a road map and strategies to make this initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society a great success. Around ten women directors from Nilgiris who successfully run self-help groups were also a part of this meeting.

Mr. Ganesan Arunasalam, CEO, SPD Women FPO & RDO Trust Ketti, Nilgiris, has agreed to partner with Sri Aurobindo Society to establish the Natural farm practice. Dr. Dorairaj Kuppurangam (President of the International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA) has agreed to be on the advisory board and will help with all the Organic certifications needed. Mr. C.K Ashok Kumar (Founder First World Community Chennai) will help make them successful entrepreneurs in Natural & Conscious farming. Mr. Satish Deorah (Managing Trustee of The Golden Hands) has agreed to support and fund the self-help groups. Sri Aurobindo Society will give them free training and extend their complete support, stated Mr. Pradeep Prem, Director (AuroKrishi). Ms. Bhavani the Farm Manager of AuroKrishi welcomed the guests on this occasion. It is expected that an agreement with the Indian Army will be signed soon to support the ex-servicemen, war widows, and their families. Ms. Mamta Prem delivered the Vote of Thanks.