Motivation program for vulnerable women

Start Date:11-Mar-2023

End Date:11-Mar-2023

Location:Satyam Community Centre


SARVAM conducted a one-day motivational programme at the Satyam community centre, Poothurai village, as part of its annual recreational programme for vulnerable women.  Around 150 women, mainly widows and destitutes attended this programme.

These women are not financially independent and do not receive any assistance from their family members.  Many people do not think they are essential.  These vulnerable women belong to the neglected lot of society.  They have not attended any functions or participated in any activities held in the locality.  As part of its mission to recognize and honour them, SARVAM organized a singing competition among them and encouraged them to interact with one another.

The facilitators engaged all the vulnerable women from the 12 villages where SARVAM plays an active role.  The volunteers interacted with the women and helped them gain confidence.  The confidence thus gained made it easy for them to interact with all the members, and they were able to find some solutions for their longstanding issues.

Activities like singing and storytelling enabled the elderly to participate in the programme.  All the participating vulnerable people received gifts such as sarees, eatables and bags.

The vulnerable and marginalized women felt very happy and thanked SARVAM for organizing such a fantastic event.  As a result of this event, vulnerable and marginalized women felt more confident and were more comfortable with each other.