Let us celebrate our differences and achievements

Start Date:09-Mar-2023

End Date:09-Mar-2023

Location:Satyam Community Centre


SARVAM celebrated International Women's Day on March 9th with a group of 25 volunteer women. This day is observed on March 8th every year to celebrate women's achievements and to promote gender equality. The event at SARVAM included discussions on the significance of Women's Day, as well as group activities and games that allowed the women to showcase their skills and talents.

The program focused on celebrating the differences and accomplishments of women, with group discussions on working together in harmony and the achievements of women. Additionally, fun and interesting games were conducted to engage and entertain the women, including a ramp walk where they modeled and decorated the ramp.

The women also had the opportunity to share their goals, dreams, and plans for achieving them. This gave them a platform to express their thoughts and connect with each other, while also having fun and forgetting about their daily struggles.

Overall, the program was a great success, with the women gaining a lot from the event. They were able to unite for a good cause and celebrate their achievements, while also having fun and building relationships with each other.