Panel Discussions on the Mahakali Aspect of the Mother

Start Date:22-Feb-2023

End Date:26-Feb-2023

Location:Bharat Niwas, Auroville


The Auroville Festival 2023 explored the theme of Sincerity in the light of Four great aspects of the Mother — Maheshwari, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. Dr. Beloo Mehra from AuroBharati was invited as a panelist for two separate sessions which explored a few perspectives on the Mahakali aspect of the Mother.

The first session was held on February 22. The focus of this session was on – STRENGTH: RESOLUTE WILL AND IMPETUS TO ACT. Dr. Mehra focused her comments on how important sincerity is as a safeguard against all hypocrisy.

This is the sincerity toward the highest ideal that we put before us as we walk the path of self-transformation. And whatever is the seed of hypocrisy or falsehood within us,that the force of Mahakali will root out if we invoke her force. She also reminded that just as intense the strength and power of Mahakali is, equally intense is her love, and it is because of her love she is intolerant of all the imperfections in her children which prevent them from having the resolute will and act with courage.

Watch recording of the first session here.

The second session on February 26 focused on the theme – POWER: COURAGE TO BOLDLY SPRING FORWARD. In this session, the focus was on how to call to the flaming courage Mahakali may offer us, while we struggle through surface nature’s indolence, preferences, limitations, and we hesitate and dally or blindly rush into the fray. In constant contradiction, aspiring for calm and peace as calls echo to rise and fight. Sincerity may be our safeguard, courage and self-possession, our strength, endurance and faith our companions, but on what road?

Dr. Mehra focused her comment on the inner meaning of kshatriyahood. And how Sri Aurobindo speaks of this as a soul-force. She also reminded the audience of the true significance of the word Arya in this regard, which according to Sri Aurobindo is the synthesis of the ideal of Brahmin and Kshatriya soul-force.

Watch recording of the second session here.