Yoga Sopan – Asana | Pranayam | Deep Relaxation

Start Date:22-May-2023

End Date:31-Dec-2023

Location:Online (Google Meet)


'Yoga Sopan' is a Hatha Yoga practice session that will focus mainly on boosting the immunity, strengthening the body, mind, and spirit at all times through Asana, Pranayam and Deep Relaxation.

‘Sopan’ means a new chapter or level, stair or step. In Sanskrit, it can also be referred as ‘ladder to Heaven’. And, here the ladder is the discipline of Yoga.

A conscious physical, mental, and spiritual discipline to experience the real heaven, which is indeed a Healthy Mind, Heart, Body, and Spirit!

The Mother has said very clearly that, “The body is capable of progressing and gradually it can learn to do what it could not do. But its capacity for progress is much slower than the vital desire for progress and the mental will for progress. Therefore, one must be patient and follow the rhythm of one’s body; it is more reasonable and knows what it can do and what it cannot.”

A few steps ahead lies your desired level of perfection and development, we would like to help you reach there. So join us to understand your own body and mind and experience the change in you.

About facilitator:

Ms. Shilpa Ghan started her Yoga journey with her mother at a very young age. She became a certified yoga teacher from 'Yog Vidya Gurukul (university) Nasik in 2003. Since then she has been practicing Yoga ardently and conducting classes.

She was an active member of Sri Aurobindo Society Centre Aurangabad - Maharashtra for a long time, when she attended national youth camps in Pondicherry and Nainital. She stayed in Delhi ashram for a year to do the teachers training course. She supports and facilitates remotely from Singapore in many projects of AuroYajna.

Even though she is currently working as an HR professional, her passion to seek and share the wisdom of Yoga is consistent.

Time: Morning 6 am to 7 am IST
On: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

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