Inaugural function of AuroVanam

Start Date:16-Feb-2023

End Date:16-Feb-2023


Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

In Pondicherry, the Sri Aurobindo Society has created “AuroVanam”. A sanctuary of tranquillity and peace, with several speciality gardens to learn, reflect, relax, recuperate and experience harmony with nature. Through this experiential education model, AuroVanam will encourage a sustainable, conscious lifestyle. AuroVanam is a part of Matrikunj, a research model for a self-sufficient natural farm. The mission is to explore, educate, and inspire humanity to use natural agricultural practices.

Project “AuroVanam” is a child-centric initiative striving to deliver an exciting experiential learning opportunity by creating experiences and exploratory activities with various elements of nature. It also facilitates a child to engage in their ecology by interrelating, interweaving, interacting, and creating oneness with nature.

The inaugural function began with meditation while the Mother’s music played in the background. Shri. Raghunath, Director of Svarnim Puducherry welcomed the gathering. Shri Vijay Bhai inaugurated the ceremony. While talking, he mentioned how nature brings everyone closer to earth. He said that AuroVanam would mature into an experiential learning centre in the years to come and should be a place to look forward to for children and the adults alike, reconnecting them with nature and Mother Earth.  He went on to add that AuroVanam is not just a project, it is a journey, and he is happy to inaugurate it on the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo.

Sri. Joss Brooks, a founding member of AuroVanam, spoke about the journey of AuroVanam. He discussed his connections with the Mother and how her visions have driven him in the last 50 years which has now resulted in AuroVanam. He recalled how the various elements, the eucalyptus pillar in the centre of the meditation hall was planted in 1973 and how it has found its place. He thanked each and every member of his team as well Baburam and those at Matrikunj for having extended their full support. He said that AuroVanam would instill those qualities and values in children in respecting nature as well as to appreciate the myriad ways in which nature helps rebuild itself supporting all life on Earth.

Later, a video on AuroVanam was screened, and the visitors were given a tour of AuroVanam by Shri Siva Pragasam, who elaborated on the various components of Aurovanam, from herbs to plants, to butterflies, all the life around them.