Creative Expression Competitions

Start Date:08-Feb-2023

End Date:08-Feb-2023



On the occasion of Pondicherry Heritage Festival-2023, AuroBharati, Sri Aurobindo Society, People for Pondicherry's Heritage & Pondicherry Rivage Ladies Circle organized

‘Program for Creative Expression Competitions for School & College Students : Visual Arts’ at Sri Aurobindo Society, Beach Office, Puducherry on 8th February, 2023.

Objective of this creative program was to explore the inner spirit of visual arts through the message, meaning and emotions through visual means. This program includes different competitions for students from schools and colleges in the areas of Visual arts, including photography, Youtube Short, Instagram Reels, Ad Selfie, & Short films.

Fifty students representing different schools and colleges of Pondicherry participated in this competition and presented their creative works on different themes including colours of water bodies, natural shades of light (angles) of historic places, sustainable tourism, flora  (plants and trees) and fauna (animals and birds), day well spent with your old aged relatives, promoting the ideas and ideals of heritage of Pondicherry, adselfie with heritage buildings / water bodies, flora  (plants and trees) and fauna (animals and birds) around house, accessible and sensitive tourism/sustainable tourism

Creative works of the participants were evaluated by the renowned photographer Mr. Pattabi, Mr. Vasant, Ms. Sruti Ramteke, Shri Sanjay and Ms. Tejasvi and prizes were distributed to them. Creative expressions presented by the students in visual arts were entertain the viewer through interesting images and a captivating visual story.