Foundation Course in Palliative Care for Doctors

Start Date:10-Jan-2023

End Date:10-Jan-2023

Location:Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (IGMC), Kathirkamam, Pondicherry


Sanjeevan organised a one-day training on palliative care for doctors and other healthcare professionals.  The objective of this training was to spread awareness of palliative care among PHC (Primary Health Center) doctors and to spend time with palliative patients in and around their respective PHCs.

The Director of IGMC and Dr Jaya Ramesh from Sanjeevan palliative care inaugurated the programme by lightening the lamp and watering the plants.

The main topics of discussion were the three components of palliative care – Disease management, symptom control and psychosocial care.

Activities were conducted that emphasised the need for excellent communication skills between the patients and the doctors.

Some doctors shared their experiences dealing with palliative care patients. 

Dr Mohan Raja from Sanjeevan explained the role played by Sanjeevan in palliative care.  He highlighted the challenges the doctors would face while dealing with palliative care patients and the community.  He stressed the importance of having a palliative care wing in all the PHCs. Sanjeevan’s team also encouraged the doctors to work as volunteers, which will improve the quality of palliative patients’ lives.

The sessions were facilitated by Dr Anbu Senthil, Dr Prakash, Dr V. Uma Shankar, Dr Gajaraj, and Dr Adhi Narayan.  Around 30 doctors from several primary health centres took part in this one-day training.