Enhancement Activity on New Year for 300 students

Start Date:31-Dec-2022

End Date:31-Dec-2022

Location:12 project villages


Several enhancement activities were conducted during the New Year in the 12 SARVAM project villages.  Around 300 students attended this activity, and all the Auro Sakhis facilitated the activities.  Our main goal was to make the students understand the New Year celebrations worldwide.

On the night of 31 December and the morning of 1 January, people in many countries worldwide celebrate the beginning of a new year.  The session started by discovering the traditions behind the celebration of the New Year.  The students were divided into groups and given separate New Year Celebrations topics to discuss.  They were asked to discuss all in groups and independently speak five to six sentences.

Group members wrote sentences and discussed them with their fellow group members, which helped them better understand the celebrations.

Highlights of the programme included greeting card preparation, drawings, skits, cultural activities, sports, and discussions.

Throughout the session, there were many activities and interactive elements.  The students were able to learn how New Year is celebrated in America and India, and they were also able to practice writing adjective-filled sentences.

It was a 'learn whilst you play' activity for the students, and they all enjoyed it.  In the end, cakes were distributed to all the children.