Christmas Celebrations at Pondicherry Central Prison

Start Date:25-Dec-2022

End Date:25-Dec-2022

Location:Pondicherry Central Prison

Institute:Prison Reformation

Let the light dawn in your consciousness - The Mother

Keeping this thought Auro Model Prison celebrated Christmas with the Prison inmates. Christmas was designated by the Mother as the festival of the return of the Light. SAS tried to illuminate the prison with joy and festivity. Specially to be mentioned a girl child named Diya Mehra from Delhi who did a short internship in Auro Model Prison saved money from her pocket expenses and sent cake for every prisoner, it was a very profound gesture and made every inmate emotional, her message of Merry Christmas and Happy New year was played on the Jail radio. The lines of divine Mother showed us the path.

“May the New Light illumine your thoughts and your lives, govern your hearts and guide your action. Blessings.” The Mother

The Father and the Bishop along with sisters came from the Pondicherry Church blessed the inmates and also sang some Christmas carols for the inmates.