Community Volunteers Meeting

Start Date:22-Dec-2022

End Date:22-Dec-2022

Location:Society House


Sanjeevan organized a  programme to empower community group skills by improving income generation activities for community volunteers.  This programme also focussed on empowering community women to lead a life as entrepreneurs.  The volunteers were encouraged to generate income through various activities.  The income generated from these activities will be utilized to care for and cure the palliative care patients at their places.

The programme began by welcoming the participants and introducing Mr Kaushal, Mr Kannan and the Sanjeevan team.  Mr Kaushal encouraged community volunteers to take responsibility for looking after the palliative patients in and around their respective regions.  He further said, “Taking up the ownership of the palliative care patients by the community volunteers will help Sri Aurobindo Society to concentrate on the areas where the help is much needed.”

Ms Devaki of the Aura Shoppe gave the volunteers suggestions on various homemade products they can manufacture themselves.  She also promised that Aura Shoppe would sell their products provided the quality is best according to the market standards.

The volunteers had several ideas about manufacturing their products, selling them through Aura, and becoming entrepreneurs.  The community workers of all the nine villages discussed among themselves, Ms Devaki and the Sanjeevan team and came up with a list of things to help them start the unit.  The Sanjeevan team and society have ensured that they will receive the needed support and initial handholding.

After the discussion, community volunteers visited Aura Shop to get ideas about making innovative products.  The group’s registration was explained in detail, and they were motivated to prepare to register the community groups.