World Computer Literacy Day

Start Date:03-Dec-2022

End Date:03-Dec-2022

Location:Satyam Community centre, Poothurai


account of World Computer Literacy Day, SARVAM conducted awareness & motivational programme on computer literacy for 60 students and 20 volunteers and coordinators.

December 2 is celebrated as World Computer Literacy Day. The reason behind observing this day is to promote digital literacy.

In addition to explaining the importance of computers to students and volunteers & coordinators, the trainer discussed the benefits of using them. Trainers pointed out that computers and internet access are still a scarce in the world of digitization.

Trainer explained that employees can produce more in a shorter amount of time, freeing up resources to do more when they learn to operate computers. In addition to showing some examples, the trainer also explained how online transactions have made life easier.

Using examples on efficiency and productivity, she explained the benefits of computer literacy in enhancing efficiency, workflow, and overall workplace experience. She also emphasized the importance of computer literacy to enhance efficiency, workflow and overall workplace experience. The participants discussed a lot about the usage of computers. The trainer was happy to clear all their doubts.

The trainer emphasized how important it is in these days for students to learn computer skills. A variety of programs were shown to students to arouse their interest. As a result of the trainer's motivation, the students asked questions about computer literacy and the question-and-answer session helped the students get a better understanding of the topic. A lot of enthusiasm and curiosity, as well as a great desire to learn new things about computers, were seen in the students.

This one day programme kindled in both the students and the volunteers the necessity of learning and enhancing their computer skills.