Jail Radio

Start Date:30-Nov-2022

End Date:30-Nov-2022

Location:Central Prison, Pondicherry

Institute:Prison Reformation

To connect the Inner consciousness (Present in Prison) to the Physical being (Present outside Prison), the Sri Aurobindo Society established the first-ever Jail Radio in South India in Central Prison Pondicherry. It will be a recreational and reformation initiative. The inmates who want to showcase their talents like singing, poetry recitation, storytelling and experience sharing can do through this Jail radio. Jail Radio will keep the inmates and the Jail staff updated on the happenings of the outside world. Jail radio will be a source of entertainment in their leisure hours when they are alone in the cells and feel depressed, which will keep them engaged. Sri Aurobindo Society will connect the families of the inmates in two-way communication through pre-recorded messages/songs/poems/information. The recordings of the Jail radio will be telecasted from the community radio of SAS and Vice versa. Three Rj's (Inmates) are trained by professional Radio Jockeys, and they will operate the whole system and operations. He also visited the Natural farm in Jail. He had great words of appreciation for this profound initiative of the Sri Aurobindo Society.

The Chief Operating Officer of State Bank of India MF personally visited to inaugurate the Jail Radio. He also planted a Cinnamon tree as a mark of love and remembrance. He was so impressed with the Auro Model Prison Project that he sponsored a Hi-Tech gym and Rs 1 lakh for the jail library on the spot.