In Sync Empowered for Holistic & Harmonious Living

Start Date:08-Nov-2022

End Date:11-Nov-2022



Organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health, this 4-day online programme was held with an aspiration to facilitate the journey of finding our Eternal True Self and empower us towards an aligned daily life that is harmonious and holistic. Almost 20 people registered for the event.

On the first day, the purpose of life in context to the necessity of multiplicity to experience Harmony was explained by the speaker very beautifully. The many voices within us and how to differentiate them in order to be aware of them in daily routine was established as a foundation to move into harmony. The speaker brought alive the essence of Harmony by illustrating examples from nature. Simple yet profound activity of witnessing from gross body sensations to subtle thoughts was experienced collectively with guided meditation. She brought out the importance of consistent sadhana as a key to progress and encouraged a reflective activity on a personalised routine.

On the second day, she reiterated the importance of behavioural change as it indicates true willingness to progress. Reflective activity was done as a collective to set a clear intention and simple exercises for everyday witnessing were given in detail. The speaker derived inspiration from a book, “Atomic Habits” and brought in key habit-forming strategies like habit stacking, reward behaviour, making it attractive, environmental change to strengthen the witnessing and meditative routines.

On the third day, the speaker explored the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, by reciting beautifully a cohesive sequence of Sutras and explaining the importance of each step in the sadhana. Through them, she brought out the key preparatory stages required before the sadhana can commence. The evolution of the mind and its various phases, the obstacles in human personality and the practices to transcend them were illustrated poetically yet objectively by the speaker. “Yoga chitta vritti nirodha - The stillness of mind is yoga” was wonderfully established to remind ourselves of our constant inner sadhana. Exercises for consistent will, control of thought, emotions and open-mindedness were shared for individual exploration.

On the fourth day, the essence of Yoga was explored through the YogaSutra, “Heyam hetu hanam upayam”. Consistent sacred practice, Dispassion, Disciplining the senses, Reading the scriptures, Surrender to the Divine, Meditation, Compassion, Friendliness, Indifference

Meditating on the breath, Witnessing/Observing effortlessly were given as tools to abiding in the True Self. She invited the participants to explore relationships as they were a significant part of the journey, by reflective and interactive questions. A perspective of what can be done to accept and nourish relationships as a part of spiritual progress was well described. The speaker truly carried a living essence of progress and living from the Deepest Self possible, which inspired the audience apart from the enormous list of simple sadhanas in daily life she had offered generously. “Thank you dear Nitasha for the wonderful insightful sessions.”