Awareness programme on ending violence against women and girls

Start Date:25-Nov-2022

End Date:26-Nov-2022

Location:12 project villages


Supporting and investing in solid and autonomous women’s rights organisations and feminist movements is key to ending violence against women and girls.

In 12 villages where SARVAM is functioning, 400 women and 500 students participated in an awareness and interaction programme on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Women were encouraged to increase awareness, promote advocacy, and create opportunities to discuss challenges and solutions as part of the programme.  The programme aimed to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls in and around the villages.

The theme of violence against women and girls in 2022 is UNITE!  Activism to End Violence against Women & Girls.

The focus of the first-day programme was the women participants.  The programme began with a discussion on the importance of women & girls.  Ways and means to end violence against women were also a part of the discussion.

Domestic violence, sexual harassment, female infanticide, abortion, honour killings, dowry deaths, forced marriages, female slavery, and cyber harassment were some topics of discussion among women.

Group discussions, individual speech, role play and skits were some activities of the programme.  The participants came up with their problems.  These were discussed in the groups, and apt solutions were found.

A poster exhibition on violence against women was a part of this programme.

The second day of the programme focused on students.

As part of the programme, an awareness talk was organised on the importance of having girl children, their education, capacity building, employment, decision making, division of housework, family support, and social security.

At this young age, students’ understanding of the topics will significantly contribute to developing a healthier society for women.

Moreover, students were motivated to talk about the violence against girls, especially girl children, and to share the problems they faced as girls.  Various activities were organised to make the students understand the theme, including stories, plays, and role plays.

Students and women had a new perspective on violence against women and girls after this programme..