Two-day Sanskrit Workshop – Level – I

Start Date:15-Apr-2017

End Date:16-Apr-2017

Location:Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Hyderabad


A ‘Two-Day Sanskrit Workshop – Level-I’ was organized under the banner of SAFIC, Puducherry, by Dr. Y.N. Rao, a renowned Linguist on April 15 and 16, 2017, at ‘Sri Aurobindo Bhavan’, Sri Aurobindo Society (Hyderabad Branch), Musheerabad, Hyderabad (Telangana), India.

The Workshop was attended by 16 participants from the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Both theory and practice of various scientific aspects, including pronunciation, related to the Devanagari script, were covered during the workshop. Chanting of a few selected Mantraas/Shlokaas/Devotional Verses, singing of a few Nursery Rhymes/Songs, etc., in Sanskrit and Spoken Sanskrit were the other highlights of this two-day event.  This time around, Kum. V. Sai Lakshmi Ashrita and Master V. Sai Srikar, both 14-year old Grade 10 students of Lotus Lap Public School, Hyderabad, handled the Spoken Sanskrit sessions efficiently supported with appropriate illustrations and exhibits.

On the first day, Dr. Y.N. Rao, Course Facilitator, welcomed the participants, while Mr. Srinivas Mulugu, Secretary, SAS (Hyderabad Branch) gave a brief introduction of various activities of SAFIC and the branch. 

The Valedictory Function was held on April 16, 2017. Mr. Ogeti Krupalu, a well-known Sanskrit Scholar from Hyderabad, graced this occasion as its Chairman, while  Dr. J.S.R. Anjaneya Sarma, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Sanskrit Studies, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad (Central University) was the Chief Guest. Dr. Prasad, after a brief explanation of  the origin and importance of ‘Maaheshwara Sutras’, stressed the need of learning Sanskrit Grammar – the Paninian Way.

In his Presidential remarks, Mr. Krupalu said that it was essential to learn the Divine language – Sanskrit, especially Spoken Sanskrit, by all the citizens of our country. Later, both the Chairman and the Chief Guest handed over certificates to the participants.  


(All participants from Hyderabad)

“Good.  The duration of the Workshop is not adequate.  Longer duration would have helped the participants.   Frequent conducting of Workshops at periodical intervals would be better.” – Mr. M. Krishna Murthy

“Nice.   While chanting Mantras, Shlokas, Devotional Verses, etc., I went back to my childhood. The duration of this Workshop is inadequate. There is need to extend the same.” – Mr. K. Purna Chandra Rao

“The Workshop conducted was very useful as it was a deviation from online ones and gave a brief fill-up for useful interaction. The duration of the Workshop is inadequate. If it is a local problem, the duration can be extended by spreading over a couple of weekends rather than a continuous one.” – Mr. S.K. Dixit

“Good.  I have learned so many interesting elements in Sanskrit. I gained more knowledge by now. Dr. Y.N. Rao’s knowledge and dedication is remarkable. However, the duration of the Workshop is felt inadequate.” – Mr. K. Ramdas

“The Workshop was really good and gave us the opportunity to know about the Divine language – Sanskrit.  The duration of the Workshop needs to be extended by a few more days.” – Mr. S.A. Kashikar

“The Workshop is very helpful to learn Sanskrit fundamentals. It has created an enthusiasm in us to learn more about the Sanskrit language.” – Mr. K.S.K. Madhu Ganesh

“It is a very good Session for Sanskrit learners, especially beginners.” – Mr. B.S.S.M. Dakshina Murty

“It is highly inspiring; and the stupendous effort by Dr. Y.N. Rao to teach us Sanskrit – the great ancient language – is really laudable. I think that the duration of the Workshop is inadequate.  Please consider conducting this Workshop over 4 to 5 days.” – Mr. B. Kutumba Rao

“It was very good. I learnt a lot about the Sanskrit language and Devanagari script. The Workshop’s duration is not adequate.” – Smt. Swathi Daitha, Hyderabad

“The duration of the Workshop is too inadequate.  However, I have learnt many new aspects of the Sanskrit language and Devanagari script.” – Master K. Shiva Tushar

“This Session was good but its duration is too inadequate. Frequent, i.e., monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly Sessions are suggested for better results.”  – Mr. Subhash Mandal