Inner Child Work with Sigrid Lindemann

Start Date:21-Nov-2022

End Date:23-Nov-2022



Childhood is a very special time from a spiritual and human psyche perspective. It has been observed that the younger a child is, the more connected he/she is with the psychic being, the inner self. As we grow older and get introduced to an intellectual system of the world, most of us lose touch with the psychic being. In the growing-up years, the child is very impressionable, and childhood memories stay within and then manifest in adult life, sometimes in a physical or emotional form. 

Many of our psychosomatic diseases, personality traits, habits or behaviours have the origin from the kind of environment we were exposed to and raised in. It is during the growing-up time, because of an event, an experience, accident or a trauma, a part of our 'growing-up' gets stuck, which stays inside and so this is called the ‘Inner Child’. In that context, all of us have more than one Inner Child within us. 

Sigrid Lindemann, the facilitator, shared the therapeutic work she practises in Auroville, unveiling the inner child and bringing it to the surface, so that it can be healed. This Inner Child Work programme was a beautiful introduction to this therapy and all about accessing, through practical exercises, our deepest memories sometimes from our current life, sometimes from a past life and address them with understanding, acceptance, listening and love. 

The entire objective of this process is to help us in healing so that we can become more at peace within ourselves and move forward towards the greater goal of connecting with the Divine. The ‘pause’ button is reversed and life can move on for the affected adult.

This 3-day workshop with almost 20 participants was held in a nurturing and empathic manner, which gave all the participants the space and confidence to share their own private stories of growing up as a child. Healing the inner child is an ongoing process and every participant benefitted from the healing atmosphere generated by the facilitator and felt encouraged to walk forward in life with his or her inner child held and embraced with love and consciousness.


Enjoyed most?

The atmosphere of trust in the class for all to speak, if wanted. It can be fun getting up early and going right into class! (Participant from the USA)

Her deep experience and knowledge.

Therapeutic and healing?

Yes! I just haven’t had the experiences that other class members speak about and it is difficult to accept that other see and hear things during the meditations. My inner child feels left out — but working through this is therapeutic and healing.