Conscious Living and Life Style Management Workshop

Start Date:02-Nov-2022

End Date:05-Nov-2022

Location:Society House

Institute:Women’s Council

‘Conscious Living’ a four day workshop aiming at a purposeful governance of the well-being of an individual was conducted for the task operators of Sri Aurobindo Society by Dr. Mollika Ganguly who is an adept in Lifestyle management, Yogic-therapy, conscious eating practice and nature cure for common disorders.

Around 30 ammas attended this workshop from 11.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. where they were trained to do compounded physical movements targeting common problematic areas for middle aged women like fatigue, back pain, knee pain, urinary infection, weight loss etc. Furthermore, Dr. Mollika based on the complaints of the ammas accordingly suggested specific sets of movements. She taught ‘surya namaskar’ and some pranayamas and emphasised that they all practice 8 to 12 cycles every day to improve their well-being since the ammas are habituated to a very hectic routine and cannot make enough time to take care of themselves.

  • Sleep
  •  Food
  •  Conscious Movements

These are the three crucial components for a healthy and holistic lifestyle resulting in absolute eudaemonia. The ammas were adviced to add salads to their meals, to have light and early dinner for proper digestion. They were also adviced to prepare themselves to sleep by relaxing their body and mind before lying down on the bed. In order to do that they were suggested to take a hot-foot bath and complete warm shower, to  stay away from mobile, or chant A-U-M kara. They were also recommended to follow the the physical movements taught to them regularly for effective and visible benefits.

At the end of the four day programme everyone sincerely felt that such programmes could be conducted periodically. People who work for us help us make our lives convenient and it is our responsibility to educate them about ways to achieve good health and provide them if necessary, the means to reach there by motivating them and getting to know their problems so as to help them in our best capacity.