Workshop on ‘Managing Stress through Inner Poise’

Start Date:22-Apr-2017

End Date:22-Apr-2017

Location:Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry


Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM) facilitated a workshop, titled ‘Managing Stress through Inner Poise’, on April 22, 2017, at Society House, Puducherry.

With the objective of providing insights into the underlying causes of stress and anxiety, the workshop gave the participants guidelines and tools to help them be permanently cleansed of these root anomalies and their effects in their persons and lives. The experiential format of the session provided opportunities for reflection and deliberation to each participant on their experience and views on the different aspects of stress. It spontaneously flowed into the conclusion that the effort to establish sustained peace above all disturbances and glitches of life begins with a complete change of one’s own perspective towards every situation.

All the 12 participants actively took part in the sessions and discussions on the topic. All of them expressed satisfaction with the information imparted in the workshop.


“Though it was a very short duration workshop, the inputs were awesome and soul searching. Thank you.”
—Vijayakumari Lakshmanan, Reliable Cashew

“Very nice workshop. Well conducted—good ambience and facilitators. Very engaging and interactive.”
—Anupama Das

“Realised few inner-being situations which we talk and discuss about but do not implement. Look back and be grateful about quite good learning to control stress.”
—Pallav Dutta, Consultant

“Session was good, educative, atmosphere was pleasant participants and faculty were friendly and enthusiastic. On the whole a new and good experience.”
—R. Murugan, Reliable Cashew

“There are some positive takeaways which can be implemented in our day to day lives.”
—Mangal Kothari, Offbeat