Physical Intervention Programme at Government Schools

Start Date:01-Nov-2022

End Date:01-Nov-2022

Location:15 Government schools of Pondicherry

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

As part of the Health and Wellness program - School Health Action Research Project (SHARP) was extended to 15 schools this academic year.

Physical Education in the primary school setting is a unique subject, as it involves learning through being physical.  Children learn how to move through physically performing skills, and they should be active for a prolonged time in their schools.

SVARNIM Puducherry, as part of its Health and Wellness programme, has started to intensify school physical activities.

Around 2856 students underwent anthropometric measurements.  Around 829 students were identified as thinner, overweight & obese based on their body mass index according to IAP guidelines.

The physical intervention programme was planned and designed for the selected students under the following categories.

●      Thin

●      Overweight

●      Obese

The intervention was given explicitly to overweight and obese students to get better physic and lose unwanted weight and fat with the help of their school’s physical education teacher. 

Suryanamaskar and some basic pranayama techniques, apart from regular physical activities, were taught to the students, which will improve their energy and strength.

These 15 schools will continue to implement this physical intervention programme in their schools for the next three months.