Understanding Self and Others

Start Date:26-Oct-2022

End Date:29-Oct-2022



The programme was organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health, from 26th – 29th October 2022 with an aspiration to work towards discovering the true nature behind the surface self and its distortions, which can not only enhance the understanding of the self but also enable the individual to bridge the gap between self and others.

The first session focused on how the process of becoming aware of how the multiplicity of our outer nature in the light of inner nature helps us in developing the ability to hold space for our being in a non-judgmental manner and make us well equipped to address the quest ‘to know’ from a wider perspective. The speaker also highlighted that though we are born with a strong connection with our deeper self, as we grow and the multiple identities (roles/relationships) the world offers us become our lens to view the world, the gap between our sense of inner identity and outer living keeps increasing. This leaves us wondering about life and its true meaning. While discussing the complexities of our manifold being and the conflicts we experience in our nature, the speaker brought to the participants’ attention how the integral lens gives us that space to build our own bridge between our inner and outer nature. The method of unhooking our ‘I’ from the outer engagements and hooking it to the inner ‘I’ as a process to help us create distance from movements of our outer nature and observe them objectively without identifying with them was offered as a potential solution to resolve these conflicts experientially.

The second session began with a reflection on the previous day’s key-points and emphasising on the importance of recognising our entry-point. The speaker discussed the importance of being aware of our reference-point as to where we place our ‘I’ while interacting with the world as it determines our experience of the world. Citing several examples of the mental – vital – physical conflicts (reason vs habit or desire vs strength), the speaker encouraged participants to become aware of the part of the being they usually identify with and how a conscious step can be taken to make our deeper self as a reference-point to engage with the world. While talking about the various indicators that can help recognise where one anchors oneself, the speaker shared the need for developing the courage in our surface to execute the guidance from the inner voice that is heard in the purity of silence. Faith, trust, sincerity, humility were among the various qualities discussed that are required to walk the path of self-discovery and see beyond our surface nature. Potential hurdles in relationships and the errors we commit while communicating with others were discussed in detail and the session ended with a reflection on how our actions, arising in harmony with pure intentions, open doors for new possibilities as the nature of our offering in engagement with the world begins to change for the better.

In the third session, the speaker looked at the “Knowledge-Practice Gap” and ways to address it for bridging the gap, not just between our inner and outer nature, but also between the individual and the collective. The session progressed with a discussion on collective evolution and the role of individual’s inner journey in the process of collective upliftment. The speaker shared how the individual can consciously engage in the collective evolution of humanity and increasingly become fit instruments to manifest the Divine Will and Divine Wisdom operating in the world. As the aspiration of being is guided by the Divine Light, Truth begins to manifest in our life. Our everyday dealing with the world – relationships / work / family / society / nation, etc. also begins to change and undergo transformation. Increasingly, we begin to sense the process of ‘bringing everything together,’ knowledge-practice gap seems to increasingly narrow in our experience, and we keep progressing towards our chosen Goal. The session ended with a reflection on how human effort gets strength from the sense of Divinity inside and a simultaneous process of sharpening the instruments and connecting to the inner silence enable us to choose faith over fear. And when disharmony creeps in any of our engagements, we feel equipped in taking the responsibility of harmonising it in the current space by consciously refining our strengths and weaknesses.

The last session began with a collective meditation followed by a short exercise; Map of our ‘being’ that offered space to the participants for reflection on their current life context and how they see the roles and relationships they experience as a part of their journey. The session progressed by focusing on the practices that can be included on a daily basis for consciously aligning oneself to the anchor within and become more and more aware of the simultaneity in the process of self-discovery.  The speaker focused on bringing it all together and shared ways to develop a personalised toolbox for each individual based on their journey. By turning inwards, one can develop the ability to sense the unity behind the multiplicity and become aware of ‘what is serving the truth in me while I engage in day-to-day activities’ as the potentiality of inner progress is hidden in the small – small activities that add to the larger context of our life. Stepping back, cultivating a witness attitude and journaling were discussed as helpful tools on the path. The speaker further laid emphasis on how an attitude of inner renunciation and purity in our ‘intention to evolve’ forms the base for self-work and plays an important role in balancing inner living with outer action. The speaker shared different possibilities and guidelines given by the Mother for becoming aware of one’s own self and also the lens with which one views the world. The session ended with a silent reflection on few quotes by the Mother.

This four-day immersion offered an insight into the psychological processes that human beings experience in their daily interactions with the world and offered potential solutions for bringing harmony in one’s nature that can then also reflect in the individual’s interaction with the world. The key takeaway often highlighted during all sessions was the need to build a bridge between inner and outer self by becoming aware of the endless possibilities of self-work rooted in conscious living. The need to respect the pace of time and one’s own individual process was also something that stood out in all the sessions. This collective space offered a lot of hope and possibility to all the participants as it showed them a wider lens to view the world and equipped them with tools to work on themselves and see the role of individual work in collective evolution.

This highly impressive workshop was attended by about 20 participants. Aditi Kaul speaks with great clarity and enormous insight. Everyone present expressed the wish to participate in future events with her again.


Again a forum to connect with the Mother.”

“Aditi is an inspired speaker & what she says comes from a deeper source. Mother’s Grace is working on her & through her. Maybe she will make it more simple going forward, not too wordy but relatable in our daily life. But I got some clues for my Sadhana, one being developing the evolved poise when triggered. Grateful to Aditi & The Mother, her name being a synonym of Her.”

“Aditi explained some very difficult concepts in a very simple way and the flow of her sessions was comfortable and easy to follow. It was like diving slowly and slowly to deeper depths of the concepts. The usual gap between knowledge and practice was lessened and got some useful to-do clues.”

“Yes it did help me to start reflecting on myself and the self- work which needs to be done to have the harmony within me and to have harmony in all my relations.”

“Gratitude to Aditi and to James as well for giving us some beautiful insights towards understanding self and others. Keep up the good work!”

“I enjoyed the interplay of consciousness between Aditi and the participants. I appreciated that she opened up all aspects of her being and was committed to addressing all aspects of connecting, relating and communicating between the inner and outer being of herself and the participants. In my opinion, she is a very gifted individual and facilitator.”

(On increasing understanding of Integral Psychology) “Yes, for sure. Many questions remain however (because Integral Psychology is an infinite journey into self and cosmic awareness) The more you seek, the greater the quest becomes and it feels to me like the applications of this are only at first personal and then become applicable to the lives of your nearest and dearest along with all your relationships including professional.”

“The workshop in itself was brilliant and Aditi is brilliant and thoughtful. Her care with words and ability to manifest Truth in speech is something I am very grateful for. I felt there was a little bit of equivocation when it came to surrendering to Mother as the ultimate source of Truth and direction. (Of course this is always a choice and surrender to Mother is offered always in free will with no pressure) Again, I don’t know Aditi’s schedule or if she would consider doing a Part 2 but I would be honoured to participate if she feels moved in her consciousness to undertake this direction. I can’t express my gratitude enough to James and Aditi for bringing this workshop into fruition.”

(Most enjoyed) “The delivery of the workshop by Dr Kaul and James. The last day was very helpful - it was like opening a space for all of us to introspect.”

(Helpful with interactions) “Yes, very helpful. Work, home, and day-to-day interactions are improving by applying approaches from classes. I am also helped by the watching confidence and delivery style of Dr Kaul. I have seen similar with MDs recently and so appreciate the confidence, calmness, sharpness, and insights of Dr Kaul. The words ‘solutioning’ and ‘gaps’ are so misapplied in my work and this class really helped bridge for me what I feel the words really indicate.”

“Personally for me, Aditi was articulating in ‘layman’s’ language so much of what I feel I have experienced from reading some writings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo but unable to articulate to even myself. Have generally recently been happy with just having the experience and have stopped attempting to try and explain or articulate. But hearing these sessions by Aditi have been very powerful and crystallised with words –

something I see as The Mother surely sending my way and somehow satisfying even that basic ‘desire’ for which I am most grateful to HER for sending Aditi. I feel the need to address truthfully to myself as to whether my constant hesitation to articulate is a genuine inability or inertia/ laziness.!! Aditi, am most grateful for your sincere heartfelt crystal-clear thinking and articulation which I feel u speak from a descent coming down to you …. experience by identity.”

“This event was perfect for what it tapped into and covered for a first set of sessions of Understanding Self and Others. Would be lovely to go into a ‘Part two’  of this as so much of our ongoing issues are about our relationship with others whether personal or professional.”

“I enjoyed the unparalleled depth of Aditi’s explanations and the richness of it. One needs to go back to the recoding times and again to fully assimilate the profound concepts that are loaded in these talks. I hold so much admiration towards the clarity with which Aditi explained some very complex psychological concepts.”