Fertility & Conception

Start Date:05-Dec-2022

End Date:09-Dec-2022



Organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health, this online programme was held with an aspiration to facilitate the understanding of true maternity in light of evolution of consciousness, thereby enabling conscious conception and fertility. About 25 people registered for the event.

On the first day, the foundation for conscious evolution was laid very lovingly by consciously shifting the participants’ relationship with their bodies, that the body is a conscious being and to connect with it helps us to evolve spiritually, to experience a deeper Truth, was deeply established. Dr. Yogesh helped in perceiving the truth that our body is the Divine manifesting in matter and bringing in actions to collaborate with her from a space of love and trust will enable living in harmony. The need of the hour was well reiterated to be the shift in our actions towards the body.

On the second day, the cause of suffering was explained clearly in context to the limited state of consciousness we live in and the knowledge of a deeper connection to the abundant resources in Nature was explained. The most comprehensive daily routine was shared with insights and significance of each step. Meditation, connecting to the sun and absorbing prana, connecting to the earth, pranic exercises, solar charged water, high pranic meal-plans, sleeping with a higher state of consciousness were the steps explained thoroughly by the facilitator in context to the questions and challenges held by the participants.

On the third day, Dr. Yogesh explained the true nature of our being is free, vast and absolutely peaceful, to see with clarity that all Life is Yoga and to live and act consciously throughout the day to align with our Divine nature was necessary to evolve. The steps to build such a consistent inner journey and the methods to overcome the obstacles in daily life were reiterated. True love in light of the Divine Consciousness, i.e., to connect from a deep state of consciousness beyond the mind and emotional attachments was explained. A guided meditation to connect deeply to one’s partner in divine Love was conducted by Dr. Yogesh, enabling a deeper shift in the participants through the loving Presence he held during the session.

On the fourth day, Nature’s purpose of inevitable sexual urges and a spiritual collaboration to transform them, instead of suppression, was described in detail. The social conditioning behind sexuality and the consequent guilt and shame associated, inducing physical illness was brought to light. A deep shift in the relationship with one’s sexual organs was guided by Dr. Yogesh through a guided meditation. The speaker completed the session by leaving the participants in deep silence and demonstrated that,  “ Harmony within oneself is our natural state and harmony with one’s partner is the ideal state for conception”.

On the fifth day, Dr. Yogesh held space for questions from the audience and the session explored topics like the different practices in our daily life for Integral Yoga, true pointers towards joyful progress, how to live in the Presence at all times, etc. Dr. Yogesh also held space for a guided meditation to connect to the Divine Presence through Sri Aurobindo in light of his Mahasamadhi day. The audience were touched by a deep silence and content heart at the completion of the workshop.