Workshop on skills needed to work under pressure

Start Date:26-Oct-2022

End Date:26-Oct-2022

Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai


Working under pressure is a crucial skill one should possess in the current scenario. SARVAM coordinators and volunteers face many challenges in their day-to-day work where they meet many people of different genders, different socio-economic conditions and age groups. 

Hence a one-day workshop was conducted for coordinators and volunteers to help them improve their abilities and skills to work under pressure.

It often happens when people work under pressure; some panic, some take more time than required, and others produce poor-quality work.

The ability to stay calm, remain focused, and get into a productive state despite increasing pressure, is a valuable skill for individuals working alone or as team members. 

The workshop started with some examples of working under pressure. 

There were discussions on the causes of work pressure and its outcome.

  • Working extra hours to meet deadlines
  • Taking on additional responsibilities of a team member in case they are ill
  • Completing a rushed work or quick assignment
  • Taking charge of a new project work
  • Having skills or performance reviewed by a team head

Additionally, the benefits of improving skills were discussed with them, such as saving time by finishing tasks more efficiently, being more focused, and adding more energy to assignments.

The trainer also gave tips on how to work under pressure, such as creating a strategy plan, preparing for what you know, delegating when possible, scheduling breaks (and taking them), and knowing your stress limit.

Many activities were conducted in training. All the participants felt the training was fruitful and enjoyable.